Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version®

02 Apr 2021

A walk in the tropics with Sweet Seeds® Hello, dear growers! It is always a pleasure for me to write articles about the test growing of the amazing Sweet Seeds® strains, as all tests have resulted in guaranteed success and plants boast an incredible quality and stand out for their aromas, yield and appearance.

Cultivating these strains is very simple as they were well tested by their breeders themselves before being put on the market. The purpose of these tests is to see their behaviour with different cultivation techniques and assess their adaptability and stability. Then, when cannabis growers like us get their hands on these seeds, it is easy to appreciate the time and effort put in when our grow tent or terrace bursts with healthy and colourful specimens. Today, I want to talk to you about a wonderful strain that will fill your eyes with beauty, one of Sweet Seeds®’s recent innovations called Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version® (SWS85). It is a new creation for 2020 and part of the now legendary ‘Red Family’, cannabis plants, which exhibit purple, blue and red tones in their flowers. On top of that, it’s a Fast Version®, so you will have your flowers ready in a record time of 6/7 weeks from flowering start and before the arrival of autumn, if you are growing outdoors. Among my hobbies, the one I enjoy most is growing cannabis, but I also enjoy the complex world of mycology, and I think I can perfectly compare the degree of surprise and admiration I feel when I walk in the woods and find a mushroom with the feeling I have when I see a cannabis plant like Sweet Seeds® Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version® in full bloom. A primal instinct will be triggered and your mouth will water at the sight of her white pistils emerging through her deep red calyxes and the glow of her trichomes... It is a wonder of nature, both medicinal and rewarding at the same time. Its red, blue or purple colours are not a whim of nature. They are due to anthocyanins, i.e. pigments that colour the leaves, stems, flowers or fruits of certain plants in order to protect them from cold and UV radiation, or even to attract pollinating insects that will help them procreate. As we can see, these plants have multiple properties. According to scientific studies on consumers, their antioxidant action is beneficial for the human health and avoids the production of free radicals, which cause various diseases such as cancer. These plants also have positive effects on neurological functions and obesity, and boost the immune system. In short, it is not only a matter of appearance, but also of health. Indeed, in addition to the multiple medicinal uses that cannabis has in itself, a full list of additional beneficial properties can be found in pigmented plants such as Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version® and all the other strains of Sweet Seeds® Red Family. The parents behind this extraordinarily beautiful plant are the ‘Super Strong’ strains from the most famous Cookies family in the US, i.e. the Tropicanna Cookies (Girl Scout Cookies x Tangie) crossed with the legendary Red Poison Auto® (SWS39), which has more colour, sweetness and a high flowering speed.

Here is the plant’s technical datasheet

Genetics: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa Cannabinoids: 16-24% THC / 0.1% CBD Indoor yield: 450 to 600 g/m2 Outdoor yield: 400 to 650 g/plant Indoor flowering time: 6 to 7 weeks Outdoor harvest time: late August to early September A prominent feature is the high percentage of THC (up to 24%), more than enough for any experienced consumer. Another interesting aspect is its flowering speed which, combined with its rich harvests, makes it one of the most demanded strains in grow shops. It is especially appreciated in rainy areas and in Northern Europe, where it was previously impossible to harvest photo-dependent plants without the risk of their being plagued by botrytis. Now, with the Fast Version® from Sweet Seeds®, harvests are rich! As we can see, this plant has everything needed to be one of our favourite strains. But now let us see how to get its red and fruity juice out of it with a summary of a simple cultivation process with organic fertilisers, and I’ll tell you about its wide range of flavours and aromas… Oh, I almost forgot… you may be interested to know that it is genetics and not cold water that is behind the special pigmentation of the Sweet Seeds® Red Family strains like this one. With no special care, you will easily obtain around 80% of specimens boasting these special hues.

How to improve the qualities of this great plant with organic cultivation, good drying and optimal curing

If you want to enjoy the full flavour of Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version® and its great terpene mix, the first and most important thing is how you feed it. This Sweet Seeds® strain has been a challenge because, in order to balance its aromas, many crosses were needed to achieve something satisfactory for the breeders’ team of this seed bank, whose fame is linked to its very high-yielding, easy-to-grow strains with powerful aromas and tastes. The result in this case was even more impressive, for the tastiness, extremely fast speed and beauty of the plant. The aromas released by its buds vary from the sweetness of its dense sticky resin to the ripe mango of its body which stands against a background of skunk and tropical wood notes, with a touch of damp earth due to the high level Myrcene, a well-known terpene that alleviates chronic pain or the side effects of chemotherapy, for example. Its extra hint of acidity contributes to an overall flavour thank can be especially appreciated though retronasal olfaction, when you inhale and then breathe back out its vapour. It is great to be able to enjoy its complexity as you expel air from your nostrils, even more than 5 minutes after your vaping session. As home growers looking for self-sufficiency, we are usually able to tell differences in each strain we grow. I have tried many ordinary herbs from other growers, all of which taste the same to me and have no ‘nuances’ – some flavours are coarse or too opaque, others are metallic and scratchy, and virtually all of these herbs look unripen and green. This is a common problem that can be simply corrected using organic fertilisers and letting your weed dry out as it deserves. If you use organic nutrients, the plants’ aromas will be greatly enhanced and you will no longer be faced with plant overfeeding, saturation or burning issues. The same cannot be said about the use of mineral fertilisers or preparations that are heralded as panaceas, promising 20%, 25% or 30% higher yields... In the end, we do not know if they work, but we tend to add them by inertia. And it is not only a matter of the money spent. Your health can be affected when you consume that marijuana and, above all, it looks like forgetting about the years of work by breeders, who strive so hard to preserve certain blends of terpenes, aromas and flavours in their strains. Personally, I love to always have different strains in my jars and notice the peculiarities that differentiate them, this is definitively more fun and pleasant. That said, it doesn’t mean that mineral fertilizers don’t work, it’s just that it’s harder to find a balance without exaggerating. What is more, not everyone is so mindful as to wash roots at the end of the growing cycle and leave plants with hardly any nutrition. To be well cured, specimens must end up yellow. A plant that ends up dark green will mainly have a metallic, bitter and lawn-like flavour and other terpenes may not be appreciated. You need to be very careful with this strain, as it has a shorter flowering period and may not have enough time to take up all the nutrients it needs – it is better to shorten this period a little bit than waiting too long. The next time you grow it, you will already know what to do based on your previous experience. Organic fertilisers extol the taste of Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version®. I recommend you to switch to the most organic fertiliser you can find, or even prepare your own. You can find a lot of information in specialised forums around the web. It can even be something as simple as using worm compost for plant growth and bat guano for flowering, or you can use your homemade compost. Whatever you do to improve growing conditions will make this beautiful strain stand out for its class. You will enjoy it a lot more, I can assure you. Then we have the issue of insufficiently dried or uncured stocks of weed, which normally happens when growers are in a hurry. This is pretty normal, since seeing red or purple buds and the tremendous amount of trichomes of this strain and smelling its aromas, you will be eager to try it out. But we can’t throw all our previous work out the window and have to wait. My advice is to harvest the whole plant, without separating the buds or trimming branches. You should indeed remove the big leaves without resin but, if climate permits, don’t remove anything else. Hang the plant upside down, in a dark, ventilated and not too warm or cold place. After a few days, you should test the condition of your plant. With your fingers, try to crush one of the branches in between. If the branch still bends without cracking, wait. If it does, it’s time to grab a big table – you can also use a metal mesh for vegetable extracts, where you will collect all those trichomes, which would otherwise get wasted through handling – and separate the flowers with a pair of scissors. Put the biggest flowers on one side and remove the leaves without exaggerating. This is because they protect the buds a little from rubbing and because they slow down their curing a little bit. Put the buds in a glass jar and leave about 15% residual space. Don’t squeeze them too tightly so that they don’t get wet or lose resin. Then, all leaves with trichomes that you cut off and the smaller buds can be piled up separately. You will use them to produce an extract, cannabis butter or cannabis oil. Make sure you open the jars for a while each day until you notice that your buds are crisp but still retain some gumminess. They should not be left in an excessively warm place and kept out of the light. I promise you; these buds will remain extremely tasty for a long time. I hope you will be spurred to try out the wonderful Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version® by Sweet Seeds®, which I strongly recommend! Jaypp / Photos: Sweet Seeds® and Tommy

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