Three Blue Kings

31 Dec 2020
Grow Report - Three Blue Kings

Lineage: Blue Dream x Three Blue Kings

Grown: Indoors under SANlight LED (Generation 2 Q5 Series)

Medium: Coco

Nutrients: House & Garden Aqua Flakes + Multizyme

Pot Size: 30L felt pot

Growth Time on 18/6: 37 days

Flowering Time on 12/12: 67 days

Grow Phase - 18/6

After transplanting the germinated seed, I leave to grow under my SANlight LED for 18 hours a day with 6 hours darkness. For the first 7 days, they will hand watered accordingly and once they reach a certain height will be topped and trained. 

So far she is growing with a healthy green glow, and shorter indica dominant fan leaves. By day 10 she is already 6.5cm tall, so once I hit the 14 day mark, I will remove the top shoot leaving the axillary shoots behind. This technique will increase the number of top colas the plant produces, as well as reduce final height once the stretching period ends. 

[caption id="attachment_39550" align="alignnone" width="1920"]three-blue-kings During the final flush[/caption]

Day 21 and she has reacted well to the pinching out and has really pushed her side branches out. The internodal spacing is not growing too closely together, so it looks like she will be a great candidate for plant training. I notice her main stem is growing thick and wide and she currently has a short, but stocky appearance with all leaves praying up towards the light. Measuring at 27cm tall with a stacked appearance.

As I reach day 30, and notice the super cropping went well and there are already noticeable knuckle formations happening on each part of the main stem. This lady seems to be a tough, resilient plant which is always a good thing. Her height has shot up considerably measuring at 54cm, with wide fingered fan leaves bulging out from all directions. 

Flowering Stage - 12/12

After 37 days of growing in the vegetative stage, this cultivar is now ready to be flowered and to reveal what she is all about. Her main stem is very chunky and thick, so it looks like she can take on the nutrients and pack on the pounds in return. For the first 2 weeks, this girl will be left to stretch and really establish herself. 

After 18 days of flowering, her height has increased by almost double and she is now easily the tallest strain in the room. I measure the height at 89cm , however thanks to the training, it is extremely bushy and wide. The air flow around the bottom of the plants is perfect and I do not need to worry about air flow issues. 

By the end of week 4 she seems to have stopped stretching, with a final height of 129cm. There is a massive amount of flowering sites and from what I can see already, the resin profile is insane with this cultivar. 

There is an abundance of pre-flowers all tightly packed together greased in trichomes. This lady is starting to really fill out and glisten, and her aroma is becoming more distinct with the tent smelling of gas, fuel, with hints of fruit and earth. 

Day 35 and she has gone crazy with resin production and seems to have turned it up a notch. The fan leaves and surrounding leaves have begun to curl up with trichomes and completely plaster the plant with a sugary appearance.

After day 45 and this lady has really taken over the room and is a marvel to look at. She has remained a lush dark green the entire grow, without throwing out any signs of purpling up. From this point on I will begin to flush and allow a good 14 day flushing period. My nutrients change to only Multizyme and she will now only recieve water with enzyme solution. 

[caption id="attachment_39551" align="alignnone" width="1920"]three-blue-kings A prolific amount of trichomes on this lady[/caption]

Day 60 and she looks superb, frosted to death and solid buds growing all the way up every single branch. The leaves are tightly packed between the buds and under a lupe, I notice the majority of her trichomes are cloudy silver with the odd specs of golden amber. In 7 days more she will be harvested taking her to a total of 67 days. She is a huge producer and would work extremely well in a SCROG.

On day 67 I take her out of the tent and hang the entire plant, minus the fan leaves. After 14 days she will be dry trimmed and all of that excessive sugar leaf saved for dry sifting. The drying room smells very strong with a lingering fuel dank and waves of gas.