Tecoponic hydroponic chillers

Soft Secrets
19 Mar 2021
TECO S.r.l, an Italian company specialised in the design and construction of high-performance cooler units for different applications, has recently created the TECOponic brand and developed the HY product range of chillers for hydroponics. Hydroponics allows more abundant, faster and healthier harvests than any other method of cultivation, while offering considerable benefits to the environment. In HYDROPONICS, the control of water temperature is extremely important. The ideal water temperature is between 18°C and 22°C, which ensures maximum efficiency and lush, healthy harvests. To this end, the chiller models HY150, HY500, HY1000 and HY2000 were designed and manufactured in Italy with top quality materials and components. A rotating outlet makes it possible to install the chiller unit inside the grow box to enable the outflow of heat. WHAT’S NEW: Restrictions on the use of certain gases in cooler systems have encouraged the company to develop a product using the ecological gas R290, one of the best eco-friendly alternatives without direct effects on global warming. The use of R290 resulted in considerably lower energy consumption compared to coolers using R134a. Low consumption also means saving money. Tecoponic hydroponic chillers
Soft Secrets