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Liz Filmer
05 Feb 2024

Every month we publish hundreds of stories about cannabis on everything from cultivation, lifestyle and medicinal use to business and the latest regulatory updates. Our readership is international with Soft Secrets websites and magazines accessible to all, in English, French, Spanish Italian, German, Dutch, Polish, and Czech languages. We also have an active presence on social media and if you don't already follow us you should do so right now.

Soft Secrets has been sharing the love and wisdom on how to cultivate cannabis since the 1980s. We were one of the OG's when the industry was small, very underground and when there was significantly little access to any information on the subject of cannabis cultivation. We have been there through the tough years and we are still thriving today in this new climate that is keen for reform and is seeing the cannabis plant for its benefits.

Our extensive library of magazines and articles available online is an invaluable source of information for the home grower and cannabis enthusiast. From nutrition to trimming or harvest tips, and best practices for both indoor and outdoor growing, it is all here and most importantly it's all free.

Want to read about the latest scientific research on cannabis? the most recent medicinal and clinical trials? or are you more interested in the latest legalisation news? Well, look no further as we've got you covered.

Whilst we are proud to provide all this for free, doing so doesn't come easy and whilst of course Soft Secrets generates some profits from advertising, our most dependable basis of support is you, the cannabis community itself and everyone who engages with and values the digital and print content that we continuously put out.

With this in mind, if you felt as a regular reader of Soft Secrets, that you would like to make a small donation to support our ongoing work we would be most grateful.

Even if it’s as little as £1, by donating to Soft Secrets, you’re making a difference by helping our team to keep striving to bring international awareness to this amazing plant, in a time of real change. 

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Liz Filmer