Royal Queen Seeds achieves Hat-trick & 2024 only just begun

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29 Mar 2024

The Seed Bank company takes the crown by winning three awards in recognition of ‘Best Seed Bank’ within three months

Royal Queen Seeds, the leading cannabis seed bank, has once again consolidated its position in the cannabis industry by clinching three of the most esteemed industry awards.

The company was honored with the titles of Best International Seed Bank at the International Cannabis Awards (ICAs) and Best Seed Bank at Spannabis, two renowned events in the cannabis sphere only a few months after winning as Best Seed Bank in The Emjays celebrated in Las Vegas at the end of the last year.

These awards reflect the commitment Royal Queen Seeds has with education, research, and development of the cannabis world and their efforts to combat the stigmas associated with this industry.

Their journey hasn’t gone unnoticed, with its launch of world’s first F1 Hybrids, their expansion to the US market and their recent collaboration with the legendary Mike Tyson, a big name in the industry.

This recognition as one of the best seed banks in the world, received twice in one week, marks a significant milestone for Royal Queen Seeds. It highlights how the industry recognizes the brand outstanding performance and contributions and reinforce their position as a top player in the cannabis scene.

About Royal Queen Seeds
Established in 2007 in Amsterdam, Royal Queen Seeds (RQS) is the  market leader at the forefront of the global cannabis genetics industry, recently recognized as “Best Seedbank of the Year” at The international Emjays Awards. Driven by an inherent passion for the plant, RQS meticulously tests each seed for germination, vigor, yield and both recreational and medical efficacy.

This dedication, combined with relentless research and development, allows RQS to pioneer and anticipate market trends while delivering top-tier genetics curated by its team of biologists. 

The company is also a respected cannabis educator that offers comprehensive grow guides, resources and instruction for cultivators. It has developed an extensive range of modern genetics—including autoflowering and proprietary F1 hybrids—that cater to the varied needs of contemporary growers at every skill level, from hobbyists to professionals.

Multiple Cannabis Cup victories and prestigious "Best Seed Bank'' awards speak to the company’s outstanding breeding and innovation. RQS now operates online in the U.S., Thailand and 28 countries across Europe. Headquartered in Barcelona, brick and mortar locations can be found in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Bangkok. Learn more at

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