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17 Aug 2023

Today, the German Federal Cabinet approved the draft of the "Law on the Controlled Use of Cannabis and Amendment of Other Regulations" (CanG). It is based on the 2-pillar framework paper and implements the 1st pillar for private and communal, non-commercial cultivation of cannabis for personal use by adults - simply put: it legalizes possession, consumption, and cultivation for personal use and allows cultivation in social clubs.

The CB Expo - Cannabis Business Expo and Conference - taking place from September 15-16 in Dortmund parallel to InterTabac, is releasing the comprehensive conference program promptly following the cabinet decision.

Main Stage - Panel Discussions
The main stage hosts the significant panel discussions, focusing on the following topics: Germany and Europe's legalization efforts, the Dutch "Weed Experiment," operational efficiency and sustainability for (cannabis) companies, investing in cannabis, and exploring commonalities and learning opportunities between the tobacco and cannabis industries.

Deep Dive & Education Stage
On the "Deep Dive Stage" and the "Education Stage," the following sessions delve deep into the subject matter through masterclasses and talks:

  • CBD Sessions
  • Regulation Sessions
  • Research Sessions
  • Medical Sessions
  • Growing Sessions

About CB Expo x InterTabac
After successful editions in Zurich, this year marks the first collaboration between CB Expo and Messe Dortmund, taking place as a parallel event to InterTabac in Germany. Three days of exhibition, conference, and networking, connecting the closely related industries of tobacco, vape, and cannabis for the first time.

Thursday, September 14 - Saturday, September 16: InterTabac & InterSupply
Friday, September 15, 4:00 PM: CB Expo Reception - Networking, Drinks, Food & Music
Saturday, September 16, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM: CB Expo & Conference, followed by Afterparty

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The CB Company and Messe Dortmund are excited for your attendance and the successful inaugural edition of CB Expo x InterTabac.

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Team CB Company

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