The Perfect Grow, Ep. 10: The Pay Off

Soft Secrets
20 Apr 2023

We've waited weeks and reached the payoff, the most exciting part of the whole Grow. In this video, we join Drew as he takes us to his holiday cottage in Ontario, Canada, where he spends his summers and weekends with friends making memories by the water or on the boat, enjoying the sun before returning to the long winters.

Like every growth, this one has been a journey. We hope you have enjoyed the ride and learnt something, whether new to the growing scene or an experienced veteran.

Over the last ten weeks, we have pretty much covered all the stages of growing cannabis, from setting up the tent, how to get your grow medium right, selecting the right light, how to prune your plants for the best results, how to flip to Flower and the importance of a good Harvest and Cure.

The Pay Off

We now know that picking the correct seed is one of the most vital parts of your Grow and ensuring it is germinated correctly. Now this Grow went pretty smoothly, but it's not uncommon to experience issues, especially when you start growing.

If you do have any questions, then leave a comment below the video on the Soft Secrets YouTube Channel, and someone will be able to get back to you and help you out.

The Pay Off

During this Grow, Drew had access to excellent top-of-the-line products and seeds from brands, including Royal Queen Seeds, that helped unlock this Grow's potential. It wouldn't have been possible to see this project through without them. So we would like to thank them for their involvement and reassure you that these are quality companies that value and look after all their customers the same way.

At the beginning of the project, we set a reasonable budget that should be attainable to the average person. It covered almost every tool needed to ensure the right environment in our tent and that our growing plants were getting the nutrition required to produce the best yield possible.


The Pay Off

So back to the "payoff". Nothing goes better with homegrown weed than homemade burgers. In the video, we see Drew kicking around with some mates whilst sampling his homegrown delights.

Generally, after about 3 to 4 homegrown crops, you will begin to dial in your environment. It's not uncommon to increase your yield and bud quality by about 20- 30% at each grows as you gain experience and learn how to read your plants. It's also good to know that your most expensive grow now behind you. 

Hard Work Pays Off | The Perfect Grow | EP10
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