Method Man and the Story of TICAL

Liz Filmer
02 Mar 2024

Best known by his stage name, Method Man, is of course part of the legendary rap group Wu-Tang Clan. As well as this musical legacy Method Man also has a cannabis brand, TICAL coming from "Taking Into Consideration All Lives".

Method Man's story is steeped in complex layers of urban culture, music, cannabis and societal evolution. Growing up in an underprivileged area, Method Man describes his first experience with weed

“I just fell in love with it when I felt that high for the first time, There’s just something about it, you know? And I’ve tried other things since, and it just didn’t hit me the same.” Method Man talking to Forbes Magazine.

As part of his personal and evolving relationship with cannabis, Method Man glimpsed a possibility to make a mark in the industry with TICAL. Co-founder of TICAL Cannabis Nathanial “Nutta” Vereen, expresses that TICAL is so much more than just a cannabis brand, "it’s a movement. It’s a group of guys dedicated to doing right by a loyal friend in Method Man, while also helping people have access to the medicine they need in states that it’s allowed to be legally sold in,” 

'While cannabis is and always has been a notable part of Method Man’s life, music has always been his number one. His links within the music industry have built a strong rapport and sense of respect.

The TICAL team strive to remain culturally relevant and to connect with the very origins of the brand.

The connection between music and cannabis is vital, adding a certain rhythm and vibe to any musical occasion, especially at Method Man shows or Wu-Tang, it is almost a condition to being there. 

TICAL, says Method Man is not just a brand; it's a movement. “We are the American dream, the brand is getting bigger and bigger. And the fact that a kid used to get locked up for this sh-t, he's now a proprietor of the substance that was the bane of his existence. Which is great, man. I see big things for us.”

To Method Man TICAL is not just simply a business; it's as much to do with legacy, culture and evolution. However, the journey did have its challenges due to the undeniable lack of black business owners and operators in certain markets. Something that was the team’s focus to change. The dedication of the TICAL team to supporting black communities and businesses is obvious and highlights the essence of what they stand for

The beauty of the cannabis business is its ever-evolving nature and amongst this evolution, Method Man stays entrenched in authenticity, symbolising both his venture but also the cultural movement at large. He’s not just a cog in the wheel of the growing cannabis industry; he’s a perfect example of its transformative energy and prospect. 

Via TICAL and his continuous advocacy, Method Man is designing a future where cannabis is not merely acknowledged but lauded for its multifaceted contributions to culture, something that will only continue.

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