The Legacy of Milo Yung AKA Big Buddha

Soft Secrets
08 May 2023

If you have spent any time in the Cannabis industry, then you will for sure have come across and met, or certainly heard about Milo Yung whose real name was Michael Walong Ng, who sadly passed away on Thursday 27th April.

Who was Milo Yung?

A warm, welcoming and very friendly professional who started growing at the age of 15, and it was when he was 18 years old, when he started to take his understanding of the Cannabis plant and growing to the next level.  

Living in the West-Midlands in the UK, the laws regarding indoor cultivation were very strict, and access to seed shops and clones was almost non-existent unless you had the right links. It was during this time when Milo began to get the attention of Cannabis magazine publications for his passion for the plant, and destiny would write that Zorro, the editor of Red Eye Magazine and Milo would exchange a clone in 2002 which became the world-famous Exodus Cheese.

Milo started Big Buddha Seeds where he would work with his own stable of genetics, producing Cheese hybrids. It would not take long for Milo to become the face of Cheese genetics with a cup win at the High Times Cannabis Cup back in 2006, that launched the UK scene and Cheese strain into the stratosphere. 

After deciding to move to Spain and settle in Ibiza, Milo was able to focus on his breeding work, and have much more freedom and polarity as far as the law about growing was concerned. After 12 long years of Big Buddha Seeds, the Original Big Buddha Family Farms brand was created which focused on UK, Spain and USA based collaborations. 

The history of the Original Cheese

Milo was able to obtain a clone of the Cheese that the editor Zorro from Red Eye Magazine kept in 2002, and from there was able to work on the line using an Afghan male pollinator. Using the male and the first-generation seeds, Milo was able to grow out and select phenotypes from the plants which had the most desirable Cheese traits such as extreme pungency, good yields and chunky dense buds. 

It was 2006 when Milo entered the Cheese into the High Times Cup and swept up first place with his impressive booth and head - turning buds. After that and over the next 5 years, the UK scene became a Cheese frenzy, with every home grower and smoker wanting Cheese.  

Cheese became a strain that was so strong and aromatic, that triple vac pacs were now required. You would not believe how much these bright lime green buds could smell and when you were smoking a joint, people would know a mile away it was Cheese, and certainly after you had smoked it you, everyone knew what you had smoked!

Milo Yung AKA Big Buddha was a much-loved legend of the industry and leaves behind an incredible legacy! Gone but never forgotten, so please smoke one in memory of a true gentleman. 

Soft Secrets