HSO Forbidden Dream

08 Apr 2021

HSO Forbidden Dream

Strain: Forbidden Dream Lineage: Forbidden Fruit x Geist O.G Lights: 2 x SANlight Q5 LED Growing Time (18/6): 28 days Flowering Time (12/12): 58 days Flushing Period: 21 days Grow Medium: Plagron Bat Mix + coco Pot Size: 12 litre fabric pots (Root Pouch) Nutrients: House & Garden humic acid + Guanokalong powder guano (1-10-1) Final Height: 74cm Growing Period – 18/6

By day 14, she was growing with a lush waxy green and glowing white stem. I continue to feed only water with humic acid and make sure the seedling is being gently blown around by my fan, to encourage a strong main stem as she grows up. At this she is only 15cm tall and showing her second set of leaves. The leaves have a long and thin appearance with more of a sativa influence, and I can tell from the internodal spacing that as she grows, she will be easy to LST and train.

After the third week of the growing phase, this lady begins to grow with a bushy profile with thin wooden side branches. She is the tallest out of the other strains growing in the tent and is measuring at 27.5cm. The temperatures and humidity levels are perfect, causing the plants to point their leaves upwards. I take the opportunity to super crop this girl and break in the inner cell walls of the main stem and surrounding side branches. This technique will allow the plant to grow much stronger and form thick wooden knuckles as support where the original break occurred.

On day 28 of the vegetative phase, the growth structure is very open, with long side branches. The aroma when rubbing the stems reminds me of the refresher chew sweets and perfume. An extremely unique profile that is new to me. I feed each plant at a rate of 5 drops of humic acid per litre until drip through and wait until the medium is completely dry before watering again. 

[caption id="attachment_40562" align="alignnone" width="1920"] A very easy to grow strain that likes to stretch.[/caption]


 It is at this final stage of 18/6 that pruning is applied, and my intention is to remove all of the growth apart from the top 2 internodes. This converts all of the energy to the upper canopy and will prevent any pruning to be done once the plants begin their transition into flowers. She is now measuring at 46cm with a very bushy appearance and large internodal spacing which has made her easy to manipulate the canopy. 

Flowering Stage 12/12.

The timer is switched to 12/12, and during this time I will tie the tallest parts of the canopy down, to create an even top layer and allow an even penetration of intense light. By using green metal garden wire, I bend the top 6 inches down causing the plant to bend. My humidity levels are dropping down to 50% with the help of a dehumidifier. I feed the same amount of water and humic acid and check the temperature to maintain a daytime temp of 23.8 degrees, which is close enough to comfortable for me.

On day 28 of flower, this strain is now taking over the tent with a top-heavy canopy and long thick side branches. Her main stem is twice the width of my thumb and upon close inspection, you can see bug round balls holding the branches in place, ready to support the forming flowers. The fan leaves and smaller leaves and new growth are all starting to frost up with resin and I notice the biggest leaves starting to produce resin tails.

Over half way into the flowering period on day 35 and the resin formation is through the roof. The top dressing and water with humic acid diet is working incredibly well. Every single leaf has become crushed with clusters of trichomes that run all the way up the stalks. If you were an extractor or hash maker you would be over the moon! The bud structure is chunky and pointy with white hairs emerging from every single bud. Each bud is uniform and between 1-1.5 inches. 

By day 50, and the buds look spectacular and oozing resin. The calyx is very pointy with a dense structure that has a hard to squeeze quality. Trimming is going to be very easy as there nothing will go to waste allowing me to make some world class dry sift.