How to Take Edibles Safely

Liz Filmer
13 Mar 2023

Consuming edibles can induce pleasurable and worthwhile side effects for some people; however, going too big too soon can detract from the experience. Here's how to keep yourself in check.

When you eat edibles, several positive things can happen to your body, including relaxation and a decrease in inflammation. However, overdoing it will quickly lead to anxiety, panic and a quickened heart rate. 

When making edibles, you can use cannabis-infused oil or butter instead of or as well as regular cooking oil or butter. This will lead to a pleasant, relaxing experience if done in the correct proportions. However, knowing how much to take when starting can be challenging.

Small Dose

If you are making cannabis-infused treats, try a 50-50 mix (or even less) instead of substituting all the oil or butter in the recipe. Using half-infused and half-regular oil will mean your finished product will be milder. This is good for beginners as it means you are less likely to have any issues. You can then increase your dosage slowly as you learn where your dosage lies. If you buy edibles, start with a small portion and build up from that point (e.g., half a piece of chocolate). 

Cannabinoids degrade over time, so edibles do expire. Foods will "keep" for the same amount of time, whether infused or not. Keeping edibles refrigerated or even frozen can help extend their shelf life.

Wait 2 Hours. 

Edibles can take a varying amount of time to kick in. How quickly you feel the effects will depend on what else you've eaten that day, your BMI, metabolism and other factors. Most edibles can take up to 2-3 hours before they kick in properly and the high may last more than hours. The best practice is to take only a small dose and wait at least two hours to see how you feel before consuming any more.

Eat Before 

Like alcohol or caffeine, eating something else before having edibles will keep the effects consistent and gradual. As a result, it makes you less likely to experience unpleasant side effects abruptly. Eating a meal before consuming an edible can also help dampen down the "munchies" feeling you might encounter.   

Have a Friend 

If you take edibles, ensure a sober person is around to check on you. Having someone who can ensure you are ok or safely drive you somewhere if needed is helpful. It can also be levelling if you are a newcomer to edibles trying to have someone with you who you know is sober.

Liz Filmer