Dissecting Cannabis How THC and CBD Relieve Symptoms

18 Jul 2017

We’ve all heard miracle stories about how cannabis treatment relieves Parkinson’s symptoms, kills cancer cells (Rick Simpson anyone?) and reduces chronic pain.

What don’t hear that often is an explanation. A detailed explanation of how it is even possible for one plant to possess so many healing properties. If the answer is in the organic grow, then why don’t regular plants, like potatoes, help with medical conditions? Cannabis, even though it’s not the prettiest plant of them all, has something in common with us humans. Let me elaborate… There is a cellular/neurological system in our bodies called the endocannabinoid system. It consists of a series of activators and receptors. It is a system that is scattered throughout the human body. The role of this system in our day to day lives is the regulation of physiological processes — endocannabinoid system regulates sleep, pain perception, appetite...just about anything really. As you know, the key to good health is balance in the mind and body. Well, to put it simply, our endocannabinoid system is in charge of the latter.

Due to our hectic lives, it’s quite easy for this fragile system to become disbalanced. And just image what happens when one of the most important homeostasis systems becomes clogged. You got it right — the whole machine starts to break down. Inside the cannabis plant, there are more than 200 unique chemical compounds, around 80 of those being cannabinoids. When we smoke (or eat) cannabis flowers, these compounds get metabolized into our blood and then help regulate whatever it is that is disbalanced. Cannabinoids do that by mimicking our very own endocannabinoid stimulators and thus help put our system in balance. And there are no substances that do better than THC and CBD. To help us shed some light on what’s exactly happening in our bodies when we consume THC and CBD.