Critical Jack

Soft Secrets
17 Nov 2016

An easy-to-grow Indica/Sativa crossbreed was created from two of the most popular strains, Critical+ and Jack Herer. Any additional care in growing this plant will be repaid by large, dense and sweet buds! 

An easy-to-grow Indica/Sativa crossbreed was created from two of the most popular strains, Critical+ and Jack Herer. Any additional care in growing this plant will be repaid by large, dense and sweet buds! Another spectacular creation from the Dinafem seed bank! We couldn’t ask for more. Despite its Sativa dominant nature, it has a very rapid blooming phase. It is also highly resistant to pests and fungi and produces a large quantity of resin – all topped off by a delicious fruity smell and taste. Effect is long lasting, enjoyable and psychoactive, with the balance tilting more towards a mental than a physical high. Yield is awesome with over 600 gr/m2 indoors and 1 kg outdoors.

Genetic traits of this crossbreed

The parents from which Critical Jack was produced need not be presented. From an excellent gene mix, a terrific performance level can only be expected… in any garden. The traits of its Critical+ parent (developed from a Big Bud and a Skunk) make plants grow easily with well-developed, resourceful buds. The Critical component also adds a relaxing – yet not sedating – touch to the final effect. The Jack Herer genetics (derived from a Skunk#1, a Northern Lights and a Haze) affects both the plant development – with a taller size and a higher inter-knot distance – and its ultimately intense and cerebral effect. Indoor and outdoor growing Whether or not you are an expert grower, with basic cannabis growing knowledge you will obtain above-average results with very little care, in lamp-lit grow rooms or outdoor plots of land alike. We tested it in all of our gardens – in each grow room, we grew it with any type of lamp and were never disappointed. However, with additional care and 600W lamps, yields were much more abundant. Mountain gardens and orchards are perfect habitats to obtain huge plants. Make sure you dig sufficiently large holes and use good soil. Plants can be yielded relatively soon but you should not be tempted to cut them prematurely, even under the first rainfall of the season, since they are resistant enough and, more importantly, during the last ripening days, flowers will gain weight and trichomes reach their optimal ripening point.

Germination and growth

All of the Critical Jack seeds we purchased germinated and started to develop without any problem. Growth was fast and uniform and the final plant had large stems and branches. Initially we placed them between moist cloths and the first roots were visible after 24 to 36 hours. For the next growth phase, small pots of less than one litre were used for 10 to 15 days until a compact root ball developed. Finally, we transplanted them to larger pots to make the most of their full potential. Most pots had a capacity of 7 to 11 litres and were kept in grow rooms. Additional tests were made with clones placed in pots of different sizes (1, 2 and 18 litres) with satisfactory results, which were of course proportional with the pot size. In mid or late-May, when they reached a height of 20 to 30 cm, we moved them to an outdoor location – this is generally when the weather starts to improve in the northern hemisphere. In a few cases, plants even measured 3 metres in height. Cloning As we were really fond of this strain, we made a selection to find the best mother. We produced cuttings from several plants of this type and obtained very good results. For the peculiar rapidity of growth, branch strength and inter-knot distance of this plant, cuttings were of excellent quality. They remained healthy at this stage, without losing colour or strength and a good root system developed after 10 to 12 days. Only then could we plant them directly into pots for the flowering phase. Transplanting into the soil was avoided as this would ‘kill’ the plant growth.


The plant is normally ready for cutting after 60 days of indoor growth, or around 1 to 15 October outdoors. In the early days of flowering, the plant continues growing and the first pistils appear and start covering the full plant evenly, then gain volume, merge and form buds of a larger size. After only one month of flowering, the size of buds is amazing. In the end, the top part of the central stem and the side branches have long stiff rows of buds, all thick and chunky. The plant is also suited for growth in small pots measuring less than one litre, where only two or three buds grow laterally and centrally, but size and resin remain terrific.


This strain is easily manageable and grows in relatively short time. Its good bud-to-leaf ratio makes it a very easy-to-harvest plant. When cut, it will leave so much quantity of resin on your scissors that you’d better continue the next day, as yield is so rich that a day is not enough.

Yield, effect and taste

One of our favourites for its effect, taste and weight, smelling like a Critical+ with wooden and incense nuances. Its high is so pleasant and mellow that you won’t want to come down. It will sharpen your speech and make you smile. Any time of the day is good to take a nice puff. By TricomaTeam (
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