The Best Ways To Consume CBD

22 Jun 2018

In this article, we show you the best ways to consume CBD. We compare a wide range of products that are available on the market today, and even give you some advice on what to look for when purchasing them!

CBD is one of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp plants. Besides THC, it is the most renowned cannabinoid, and has recently gained a lot of attention from the scientific community. However, in contrast to THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn't induce the typical high associated with the effects of cannabis. CBD interacts with the human body via the endocannabinoid system, where it influences receptors within this system. The compound has many promising medical applications and therapeutic effects. CBD is an anticonvulsant that has proven to be effective in treating forms of childhood epilepsy, but also boasts anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and analgesic properties. With all of these promising findings on CBD, we want to outline some of the best ways to ingest this cannabinoid (because there are many). Let's get started!


CBD crystals are a CBD isolate. This is CBD in its purest form, having gone through a purifying process that removes all excess plant material, and even other cannabis compounds. Typically, CBD crystals contain between 98–99% isolated CBD. They are really easy to dose; you just have to weigh them and you’ll know exactly how much CBD you’re taking. You can use these crystals in a variety of ways: Adding them to edibles is a popular method. Simply dissolve your CBD crystals in butter, oil, or coconut milk, then add them to your favourite dish. You can also dab CBD crystals like any other cannabis concentrate via an oil rig, or vaporize the crystals with the help of a vaporizer that's compatible with concentrates. This is the fastest way of dosing as well. Dissolving CBD crystals in hemp oil for example, makes for a great supplement to be taken sublingually. Organic produce some of the most potent CBD crystals available. Another option is to use a fatty and neutral-smelling carrier oil (coconut, olive, etc), to create your own CBD skincare product by melting the crystals in, for topical application.


If you like chewing gum, and are looking for a way to benefit from the non-psychoactive benefits of cannabis, then CBD chewing gum is the method for you! This is definitely a medically-oriented product, with the latest versions releasing 80% of the CBD content within the first 30 minutes. Most products come in regular spearmint or similar flavours, and are quite easy and convenient to dose throughout the day. The perfect solution for those on-the-go. Most CBD chewing gums are made from completely natural ingredients and without any added sugars, chemicals, preservatives, or artificial additives, so that they are perfectly suited for the health-conscious consumer.


CBD oil is easy to use—just drop it under your tongue or add it to your favourite smoothie. There are many different CBD oils on today's market, which vary in CBD content, ingredients, and carrier oil used. Look for the purest and most naturally sourced ingredients in these oils. CBD derived from plants cultivated with pesticides can be harmful to one’s health and should be avoided. CBD oils usually come in dropper bottles of various sizes to make for easy and exact dosing. Popular carrier oil choices include hemp seed oil and olive oil. CBD oils provide you with other beneficial compounds like vitamins, minerals, and amino acids as well. They are available in low-strength, medium-strength, and high-strength varieties.


These small, cylindrical tubes contain CBD and are designed to be swallowed. It is probably the simplest and most discreet way of dosing CBD, especially on-the-go. Just swallow a capsule with a glass of water or another beverage. The content of the capsule will be digested, broken down in the liver, and delivered to your bloodstream. It is recommended to take the capsule together with your food, because doing so will allow for a better absorption of CBD. Most people take 1 capsule per day, but some may take one in the morning and one in the evening. It all depends on your dosage, preferred effects, and potency of the capsule’s contents. They are accurately measured, so you can take one wherever you are and whenever you like. You should also opt for CBD capsules if you dislike the "green" or grassy taste associated with most other products on this list. Consider these medium-strength and high-strength products to suit your needs.


A suppository is an often overlooked way of consuming CBD. Most people acquire oils or capsules for ease of use and that's totally fine. Swallowing a capsule is considered more convenient and comfortable than using a CBD suppository, however, taking CBD rectally is actually the most effective method of administration. The key word here is bio-availability. The bio-availability of CBD is over twice that of taking it orally when absorbed rectally. This is due to the rectal membranes being highly absorbent, allowing CBD to be effectively transported and distributed throughout the body. The effects will be noticeable after 10–15 minutes and will be felt for up to 8 hours. The added benefits of using suppositories is definitely something to consider.


A salve is a medicine-infused concoction (CBD in our case) that's administered directly through the skin. Salves use fatty oils and wax as their base, but no water. Usually beeswax is used, since it has the best properties for this kind of salve, while coconut oil has proven to be the best carrier oil option. When applying a CBD salve, the skin acts as a useful molecular passageway to quickly absorb the ingredients. Essentially, the CBD-carrying lipids get transported across skin cell membranes. CBD salves are best used for joint pain or skin-specific conditions like eczema and psoriasis, so you can apply the CBD directly to the affected areas. CBD salves are fast-acting as well.


CBD e-liquid is specially made for vaping CBD with an e-cigarette. When CBD is vaporized, it goes directly into your lungs, where it gets diffused into your bloodstream. As such, this method is pretty fast-acting. This means, you will feel the effects 30–60 minutes faster compared to orally ingested CBD products. CBD e-liquids are an extremely efficient consumption method. You can purchase CBD e-liquid as a smart liquid for your e-cigarette or as a CBD pen package.


All the above products are ready-to-use - you just have to unpack them and get started. This is different when you grow your own CBD-rich cannabis seeds. But the cultivation of said seeds has its own benefits as well. You mainly have the advantage of choosing the right strain to help with your specific condition. After the initial investment in your grow operation and a steep learning curve, growing your own is much more affordable than buying it elsewhere. Furthermore, you can be sure that your CBD-rich cannabis was grown organically. When you have good-quality CBD to work with, you can also use it to make most of the above products at home.


Regardless of the type of CBD product you choose to purchase, there are several factors you should consider to ensure your product is of a high quality. The CBD product should always be clearly labelled of its contents, where it comes from, and how to use/dose the product. The main component of CBD products is hemp/cannabis-derived CBD. Be sure to ask yourself if you know how or where it was grown. It is best to buy CBD products that derive from cannabis grown to the highest cultivation standards possible. This way, it doesn't contain any fertilisers, synthetic chemicals, pesticides, etc. How the CBD is processed is also quite important. The supercritical CO₂ extraction technique makes for the purest and best final product, and is much safer than solvent-based extraction methods like butane. Last but not least, you should always look for CBD products that get tested for their safety and purity. That means, trustworthy companies will provide test data of their products to guarantee maximum safety and transparency. This test data should ideally come from an independent, third party laboratory. If you follow these recommendations, you will purchase first-grade CBD products that you can take without reluctance.