American Beauty

Soft Secrets
14 Dec 2016

A few years ago, an Oregon seed bank, the world-renowned TGA Subcool, introduced another top product that would later become known among consumers as Plushberry to the market.

A few years ago, an Oregon seed bank, the world-renowned TGA Subcool, introduced another top product that would later become known among consumers as Plushberry to the market. In TGA’s experience, this work was really interesting and received a lot of attention since one of the plant’s parents, the famous Black Cherry Soda, only existed in the form of a clone. In addition, it was among the first lines with features varying between berries and Kush. The exact origin of this cutting is not known. Some people say this is a type of Purple Kush, others say it is related to Bubba Kush, which is also logical as the latter is itself a variation of the celebrated Purple Kush. Black Cherry Soda is famous in US health clinics for its medical use and potency. Going back to Plushberry, the selection work consisted in creating a crossbreed from a cutting of the type mentioned above, a real ‘beast’ known as Space Queen. Starting from this genetic mainstay, which was obtained by crossing various glorious strains such as Romulan and Cinderella 99, the result could only be extraordinary. Romulan is mostly an Indica plant, whose exact genetics are uncertain and for which various theories were put forward to trace it back. The origin of C99 is comparably better known. The legend goes that it is an exceptional female selected from one of the seeds found in a Jack Herer bud. This female was named Princess. After fertilising it with a hybrid of Shiva Skunk x Jack Herer, Princess was later pollinated for 3 generations with the males of its own linage, so theoretically its offspring has 99% Princess genetics, hence its name ‘Cinderella 99’. Princess x (Shiva Skunk x Jack Herer) = Princess 50% = P50 Princess x P50 = Princess 75% = P75 Princess x P75 = Princess 88% = P88 Princess x P88 = Princess 99% = Cinderella 99 A few years later, our partner cannabis producer TGA stopped marketing Plushberry and removed it from its catalogue, which caught many people by surprise – underscored by the positive reviews of this genetics on various web forums, with some consumers even saying it was their favourite in a catalogue only including around 20 strains at that time. We too were caught by surprise. Fortunately, we still kept a few packs – purchased from the only grow shop that marketed this vendor’s seeds in Spain at that time – and started working on this project, which culminated in the creation of American Beauty. First of all, we germinated all the seeds we had, plus a few Plushberry x Plushberry specimens produced a few years before by our friend Nacho, with a very resinous male (a few pictures of this phenomenon are still featured in the International Cannagraphic Magazine). Among the plants we obtained, we selected a number of mothers, but our final choice fell on number 22 for the further steps of our project. The quantity of resin produced was as exceptional as its aroma, with cherry and Kush traits. We take pride in featuring this strain in our catalogue as a terrific plant, with resin overflowing from the underside of the leaves and tones easily changing from bright red to dark red. The green “hay” that can be obtained has a stronger and more penetrating aroma, and its chalices are so big that they seem fertilised. The plant forms turrets shaped as a foxtail and flowering does not exceed 9 weeks. In its offspring we found a few heavy, high-yielding individuals. Considering the fact that you can perfectly grow your own hybrids from this plant, it’s safe to say it’s worth trying out. This applies to both growers who haven't yet had a chance to grow the regular version in the past as well as to those who’ve tried it, fell in love with it and now want to repeat the experience. Our gratitude goes to our friends from Soft Secrets for their support. A big hug from the Dr. Underground team to all growers and friends of our wonderful cannabis community! By Dr. Underground
Soft Secrets