Aeroponics 101

Liz Filmer
24 Nov 2021

Almost any plant can be successfully grown using Aeroponics, especially cannabis. Plants yield more, grow faster and are generally more healthy than those grown in soil.

Aeroponics is the best way to grow plants soil-free. Plants are held in collars above a reservoir within a sealed microclimate. A pump powers the system, which uses a mister to disperse a micro-fine fog of nutrient-rich solution, spraying on the dangling plant roots that hand down into the rooting chamber.

The benefits of Aeroponics
Aeroponics are environmentally friendly and cheap to run. Aeroponic plants need fewer nutrients and water because, on average, the nutrient absorption rate is higher.

Plant roots are exposed to sufficient Oxygen, promoting quick and disease-free growth. In most growing systems, your plant's roots are hidden under a medium, which can compact down and leave it struggling for the roots to access Oxygen. With Aeroponics, your plants are suspended, giving them all the Oxygen they need without drying out.

Faster Growth
Aeroponic methods grow plants faster than by other means as the roots are constantly exposed to Oxygen. Nutrients fed to the plants also take effect quicker as they go straight into the plant via the root system and do not have to pass through a medium such as soil.

Low Maintenance
As air is acting as a medium to grow plants, considerably less maintenance is needed. No medium, no pipes, pumps or misters are getting blocked. Cleaning your system is much easier. You need to maintain the root chamber (the container housing the roots), which requires regular disinfecting and the reservoir and irrigation channels. 
Aeroponics is a modular system, which is perfect for maxing out limited space. Plants can even be stacked up one on top of each other.

Top Tips 
Higher Cost

 Most aeroponic systems may be pretty expensive due to the technology. However, if used correctly and successfully, they will more than earn their worth.

Regular checking and reliable equipment is a must.
 In Aeroponics, your plants are exposed. If any of your pumps, sprinklers or timers fail, then your plants won't have long to live as they will have none of the protection offered by a source of medium. For this reason, regular checks are essential. Make sure you have a reliable power supply for your system and even a backup plan in reserve.

Keep the root chamber clean.
Aeroponic systems require less maintenance overall. There is one area. However, that does need regular checking, the root chamber. 
The semi-moist atmosphere of the root chamber is the perfect breeding ground for bacterial growth. As such, you must disinfect it with something like Hydrogen Peroxide. If you do not do this, you run the risk of disease striking and spreading in the root zone.

Try an Aeroponic propagator.
An aeroponic propagator is an excellent bit of kit to start your plants off. The propagator mists cuttings to maintain the ideal moisture and oxygen level. It creates the perfect conditions for cultivating your cuttings reliably and quickly whilst also introducing you to the process and art of Aeroponics. 

Aeroponic propagation ensures that a higher percentage of your cuttings root and that your plants grow quicker and more substantial. When they are ready, you can then carefully transplant your cuttings into any other growing system.

Liz Filmer