The 5 Highest THC Strains on Seedsman

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25 Apr 2022

If you’re a collector looking for strains high in THC, they’ve listed 5 options below all producing 20% and up in THC content!

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Purple Ghost Candy

Purple Ghost Candy is the strain child of Ghost OG, a celebrated Kush, and the wildly colourful sativa  Candyland Purple. The result is an exciting high-THC cross with 60% sativa and 40% indica genetics and a visually stunning appearance as the plant retains the fascinating purple hues from its lineage. Expect high resin production and a diverse terpene profile, making this an excellent choice for makers of concentrates.

Purple Ghost Candy is an ideal strain for novice cultivators as it grows easily and yields generously, resulting in large plants with abundant harvests whether you grow indoors or outdoors. Flowering time is around 12 weeks, and you’ll see the large, golden resin crystals appear after just a couple of weeks of flowering.

Expect a potpourri of flavours from Purple Ghost Candy; the dominant aroma is akin to grape candy, but the solid supporting cast of lemon and other fruits creates a sweet sensation on the tongue with a bit of spice and earthiness. The high THC content weighs in at around 20%, meaning the effect of Purple Ghost Candy is potent and relaxing for the body, balanced with a powerful cerebrally stimulating buzz that’s sure to leave you feeling happy and content.

Purple Ghost Candy
Seedsman: Purple Ghost Candy

Blue Dream

Seedsman’s Blue Dream is a potent strain with medicinal properties due to its high concentration of alpha-pinene, a mono-terpene with known therapeutic benefits. Crossing the delicious Blueberry Ice strain with a Haze gave birth to the 70% sativa now known as Blue Dream, and it’s been a hit with both commercial growers and casual enthusiasts from the outset, thanks to its high yields and powerful effects.

Like Purple Ghost Candy, Blue Dream is a strain that typically grows easily and without complication, although experienced cultivators will know how to help it reach its full potential. Growing Blue Dream indoors will result in medium-sized plants with generous yields up to 500 gr/m2. Outdoor cultivation will see the plant shine, stretching to greater heights like any good sativa and producing even more impressive results. Look forward to large buds covered in glistening, resinous crystals.

Blue Dream is a strain with a multitude of treasures to offer - the ‘Dream’ in the name could very well refer to the taste profile of this most piquant of plants. Suppose you’re a lover of fruity-flavoured flower. In that case, Blue Dream will not disappoint, delivering a sensational scent of citrusy lemon and berry and a fruity and sweet taste with a spicy, almost herbal edge that’s sure to delight. The THC content comes in high at around 20%, and the result is an uplifting euphoric cerebral effect – it’s a long-lasting sensation recommended as a potential antidote to stress, anxiety and depression. Blue Dream’s reputation as a medicinal strain is built on its solid foundation of terpenes that count reducing pain, inflammation, and nausea among their therapeutic benefits.

Blue Dream
Seedsman: Blue Dream

Peyote Gorilla

The stunning result of cross-breeding the heady Gorilla Glue #4 and Peyote Purple, the mostly-indica Peyote Gorilla is a high-yielding indica-dominant winner with a massive THC content in the mid to high 20% range. Easily identifiable by its sugar-coated look, Peyote Gorilla is a visually stunning plant with a snow-covered look to the leaves and buds.

Flowering in around 70 days, this phenomenal photoperiod hybrid strain retains the typical indica structure of a medium-sized plant with large, broad leaves. Grown indoors, you can expect output in the region of 450-600 gr/m2, and outdoor growing produces an impressive 1500 gr/m2 of the kind of highly resinous buds that perfectly lend themselves to producing extracts and concentrates. Even more impressive is the THC content, which veers into sky-high territory and has been measured at 26%!

The aroma and flavour of Peyote Gorilla are sure to delight fans of Diesel and fruit, as the primary scent packs plenty of fuel notes that pair with a tantalising bouquet of earthy lemon and berries, all of which is reflected in the taste. Coupling the high THC content of Peyote Gorilla with just a hint of CBD around 1% results in highly potent uplifting, euphoric effects that give way to a sense of supreme relaxation that hits all the right spots to soothe away mild aches and pains.

Peyote Gorilla
Seedsman: Peyota Gorilla

Critical Purple Kush

Produced from a ménage-a-trois of powerful parents, Critical Purple Kush combines the finest traits of three iconic plants – Blueberry, Critical, and Peyote Purple. What you end up with is a distinctive-looking tall and slender plant, flecked with incredible bursts of violet.

Critical Purple Kush gets its general appearance from its Critical lineage, but ends up slightly taller. Plants can stretch to a lofty 300cm when grown outdoors, where they can produce sizeable yields in the regions of 600-800 gr/plant. She’s just as happy to show off indoors, where you can expect a respectable yield of 400-500 gr/m2 as the reward for waiting out the 65-day flowering period. A good tip for success is tying or training the branches of Critical Purple Kush to reduce the chances of the large weighty buds snapping those delicate limbs.

The outcome of CPK’s mostly-indica calibre coupled with its THC content in the range of 15-20% is a strong effect of body relaxation that leaves you feeling blissfully chilled and lends itself well to tackling insomnia. Its flavour could best be described as a sweet and succulent blend of pineapple and forest fruits, with subtle hints of lemon and Skunk to delight the palate.

Critical Purple Kush
Seedsman: Critical Purple Kush

Alaskan Purple Fem

Boasting some outstanding heritage, Alaskan Purple FEM results from a three-way cross between Alaskan Purple, Kush, and a Brazilian sativa strain. It’s a highly vigorous, indica-dominant breed that grows to lofty heights when potted outdoors.

There’s not much Alaskan Purple FEM doesn’t do to abundant degrees, from impressive growth and sizeable yield to outstanding flavour and spellbinding effects. It’ll flower indoors in around 9 weeks and responds superbly to many different growing techniques, making for a robust and adaptable plant with high outputs that will delight. Indoor growers report yields in the ballpark of 550 gr/m2, and outdoor planting offers an enviable 1700 gr/plant.

Expect another fruity sensation on the nose and tongue from the intense aromas of sweet, fruity berry and a taste profile to match. Alaskan Purple FEM excels in all departments, carrying a high THC content in the 15-20% range with impressive potency into the bargain. Its indica dominance brings a strong sense of relaxation to the body, which the Brazilian sativa genetics counter with a powerful and long-lasting cerebral buzz leaving you feeling blissed out yet switched on enough to enjoy the experience without succumbing to sleepiness.

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Alaskan Purple
Seedsman: Alaskan Purple
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