Easy Growing by Royal Queen Seeds

Easy Growing by Royal Queen Seeds
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Easy Growing by Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds is one of the fastest-growing seed banks in Europe. They have set out to make cultivation easier, and not just for beginners. They’ve developed a range of Easy Growing products that simplify the cultivation process for novices and veterans alike.

Easy Grow Booster Tablets provide everything plants need during the vegetative stage of the grow cycle: bio-stimulants, beneficial microorganisms, and crucial nutrients.

Easy Bloom Booster Tablets are the next step in the Easy Growing process. They nourish plants during the flowering stage to ensure they receive the correct ratio of potassium, calcium, and magnesium. The result is plump and resinous flowers.

The Easy Combo Booster Pack offers both of these tablets in a single package-perfect to see a small grow operation through from germination all the way to harvest.

Finally, the Easy Roots Mycorrhiza Mix allows plants to uptake all of their nutrients with the utmost efficiency! The blend contains several species of fungi that form a synergistic relationship with plant roots. In exchange for plant sugars, they break down organic matter and extend the root network for optimal development.

Easy Growing by Royal Queen Seeds


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