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Microdosing Thortruffles. Biohacking against toxic stress

Open blister – put truffles on tongue – wash down with a drink of something. Repeat daily and watch change unfold after a few days. Thortruffle Microdosing can improve not only our creativity and ability to focus, but also and especially stressrelated diseases. Thortruffles are live organisms that naturally contain substances that can subtly influence our brain chemistry and reduce stress.

Microdosing-ThortrufflesSo, how does that work and why is it so important? If stress goes on for longer stretches of time, it can lead to depression and burn-out, as well as impede memory, emotional stability and the capacity for positive interaction with others. Not only the brain, but the whole body works in overdrive.
To be clear, this goes for more or less constant stress with no real breaksfor the body to recover.  Constant stress is detrimental to our immune system and makes us vulnerable to both mental and physical disease. It can wreck our sleeping patterns, libido and metabolism and basically take away everything that’s fun or good for us. Notice how if you’re feeling aweful, you’re unlikely to eat less, start jogging or stop smoking.
To top it off, there’s actually a good chance of stress causing more stress, because the less focused we are, the more mistakes we make. The idea to “Fight the stress! Fight it!” will eventually even lead to us being stressed,
’cause we’re stressed,
’cause we’re stressed,
’cause we’re stressed…
The point of Thortruffle microdosing is not to remove some symptoms, but to decelerate the constant stress by supplying the brain with tryptamines it can use to flip the down-ward spiral on its head. Serenity and good mood lead to us building up the motivation to reach our goals and improve our lives – which in turn leads to better mood. So then,
we feel better,
cause do better,
cause we feel better…
The brain gets some exra serotonin from microdosing and when our serotonin level rises, it influences the mood directly. The brain automatically invests less energy into dreaming up abstract future fears and instead focuses on the immediate present. Interestingly, meditation has the same effects on the brain.
Mindfulness and meditation can broaden our attention span by freeing up energy otherwise wasted on ruminations and worries. But meditation takes time and for some people comes with the weird feeling of “not doing it right”.
In the broadest sense, even antidepressants engage the same mechanism, only with a fistful of risks and side effects. They achieve this by manipulating our brain postsynaptic receptors to be less effective at absorbing the serotonin after it’s done its job. So actually, what they’re doing is making the brain less functional in hopes of later making it more functional.
For good reason, they’re only available on prescription and not an option for many people. To quote wikipedia “The efficacy of SSRIs in mild or moderate cases of depression has been disputed and may be outweighed by side effects.”
So, what if we’d rather not wait for the depression to go from mild to severe?
Thortruffle microdosing works differently, it doesn’t influence the receptor function, but rather the amount of neurotransmitters available.
The receptors that are activated by Thortruffle microdosing specifically are also responsible for the formation of new neuronal connections. 5HT-2A receptors play an important role for memory and learning. Put simply, it sends the signal; “New information incoming, time to focus and remember.” This makes natural microdosing especially popular with students and creative professionals. The anticipation of new challenges also heightens our capacity for convergent and divergent problem solving. This implies finding both many solving approaches for a problem, as well as picking the best solution out of many possible approaches.
Further groups of “typical microdosers” are clusterheadache and migraine patients, who can reap huge benefits from microdosing, like… well, escaping the regular agonizing fits of pain.
Then there’s people who want to make lifestyle changes like cutting back sugar, coffee, alcohol, smoking (or anything addictive). And last but not least, microdosing seems to be a hot tip for parents – lower stress levels not only make you more efficient workwise, but also more capable of empathy and patience.
By the way, the duration and rhythm of microdosing are arbitrary. There’s no risk in forgetting your dose or suddenly quitting the microdose, since the body isn’t forced into changing its cycles.
The worst thing that can happen is… well, the stress returning.
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