How Medical Marijuana Works

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How Medical Marijuana Works

And Which Conditions It Treats?



Medical marijuana is widely used to cure a couple of physical and psychological diseases. Due to its effectiveness, medical marijuana is legalizing increasingly in different states around America. It works out with our body to reduce the pain caused by a number of diseases. They may include side effects of cancer, nerve pain and certain long term conditions with catastrophic outcomes.
How Medical Marijuana Works
Medical Marijuana is the extract of the plant used for various purposes. It is not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration FDA just yet because of inconclusive evidence to back up the theory. On the contrary, an element of marijuana is used to relieve the pain in many cases. The cannabinoids are administrated in the form of a pill. Marijuana is also available in the market in its crude form as well as in edible marijuana packaging.
We will today discuss some of the conditions in which marijuana has produced miracles and the mechanism of how it works on our body:

Mechanism of Functions for Medical Marijuana

Substances called cannabinoids are produced by marijuana and it works to activate our neurotransmitters. These send them signals to the brain by producing chemicals similar to the marijuana elements. The widely used nonpsychoactive component called CBD works with our body to help regulate the normal cells and eradicate the stress hormones and cells.
Another component called THC is also used to cure a number of diseases in our body. The only drawback for this element is that it is not psychoactive and can give you a feeling of high.

Conditions for Treatment

Marijuana is used for various purposes throughout the world. Some of its medical implications are below:
1. According to the recent study, medical marijuana is used by people to overcome the menace of anxiety, depression and other psychological problems. The component of Tetrahydrocannabinol works on the stress hormones and release dopamine in the body which is a mood lifter hormone. Although it allows a person to forget his problems for some time, the only drawback of this substance is that it is highly psychoactive.
2. A study of 58 patients suffering from arthritis pain had an opinion that marijuana was able to release their pain and they were able to sleep like a baby. Another study notes the implications of marijuana as pain medication is quite useful for side effects for cancer sufferers.
3. The studies in the area of curing asthma are limited. Some of the patients have shown positive signs when were administrated with some dosages of cannabis but the study is not enough evidence for making cannabis its way to the legalized and safe drug category.
4. It is a piece of good news for cancer patients that CBD in cannabis is able to stop the growth of cancer cells and in certain cases, it aids in killing the tumors in the body. THC is often used to have an improved outcome of radiation therapy on the infected cells. It can do wonders to the human body if it is suffering from the horrible side effects of chemotherapy.
5. Chronic pain is one of the difficult conditions to go through when it comes to treatment options with older people. In the early 1800s, marijuana was massively used to reduce pain. The drug called Sativex is approved in Canada and parts of Europe as it has CBD components to cure chronic pain but it is proved to be safe without any adverse consequences.
6. There are a number of pilot studies conducted to monitor the constructive effects of smoking marijuana on ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. One of the experiments showed 13 patients inhaled cannabis over a period of three months and showed tremendous success throughout the tests.
7. NYU Langone Medical Center has used marijuana extract to reduce the extent of seizures in adults and children suffering from Epilepsy. The results showed a 50% improvement in the condition with the trial of 213 patients in the recent year.
8. CBD found in marijuana has abundant benefits on the improvement of certain medical conditions. It is proved to be antioxidant, anxiolytic, anti-emetic and anti-inflammatory effects on our body.
9. CBD is found to be neuroprotective with the conditions of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease. Studies have shown drastic improvement in the movement disorders for these patients.

Health benefits of therapeutic marijuana

Medical benefits are still an area of extensive study to legalize the drug throughout the world. Until now, only 60 peer review studies have been conducted to assess the benefits of cannabis on our physical and mental health. Around 30% of the studies were neutral in nature. The widely researched component of marijuana is CBD. The advantages of the element are linked to the self-producing elements of brain receptors in our body. Some of the benefits of using marijuana are:
1. It is used to regulate the immune system of the body to work efficiently.
2. It is widely used to moderate the functions of appetite, heart rate, motivation and learning related to our emotional wellbeing.
3. It endorses the neuroplasticity

Administration of Marijuana

It is pertinent to check the potency and ingredients of the product before using it. Cannabis is recommended to be used as:
1. Inhaled or smoked through a medium
2. It can be used by vaporization. The ingredients are heated until they are vigorous enough for consumption
3. You can take it as a liquid extract
4. It is used in baking products as well like candy or cookies
5. You can use CBD as a drug as well in the form of a tablet.


The studies conducted on marijuana is still inconclusive and there is a lot of room for collecting more evidence. Any dose of marijuana taken from a dealer without the consent of your doctor will have adverse effects on your health. If you intend to use marijuana as it is a natural component, it’s better to check with your medical practitioner first. Marijuana is prohibited for pregnant women, people with heart disease and psychosis.


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