Top 5 Smoke Pipes/Bongs

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Top 5 Smoke Pipes/Bongs

Is it high time to upgrade your glass bong? Do you want to class-up your smoking experience? There are thousands of companies that offer top-quality glass bongs for cannabis. Although using glass bongs for cannabis consumption is a recent phenomenon in the West, it has been used in Asia for centuries.
Top 5 Smoke Pipes/Bongs
Today, there is hot demand for glass blowing artists who could provide distinguished glass bongs to weed purists. There are numerous outstanding pieces available in the market. However, the top 5 you should go with include:

5. Mobius Glass

Mobius Glass bongs are particularly made from durable glass. The beautiful looking pieces designed by the company are quite famous in the world of cannabis. Once you have got a winner in Indica vs Sativa, you can buy the Micro Matrix 2 that is said to be an upgraded version of the bong.
If you measure the glass, its size is 18mm that is surely uncommon. The glass produces a quality smoke that is difficult to produce through some ordinary bongs available in the market.

4. Tsunami Glass

This particular glass has been designed by Tsunami Vapor Company that is a famous company for glass bongs in Troy, Michigan. The company started its operations back in 2011 with electronic cigarettes and within a year, it became a famous brand in the world of e-liquids, vaporizer models, and glass pipes for cannabis.
Among its plenty of outstanding products, ‘Quadruple Rocket bong’ is the one for you. Quadruple Rocket Tsunami Glass Bong is available in five different accents and all of them can perfectly please you aesthetically.

3. Snoop Dogg Glass Bong

For Snoop Dogg, it’s not about choosing one from Sativa vs Indica. Rather, he likes both and has created his own brand of cannabis and its components. Under his brand, he has introduced five different water pipes; each carries its own special features.
Among the five, you can go with ‘The Spaceship’ as it is one of the most compact pipes available in the market. The Spaceship contains a bubble dome, a bubble nail, a quartz bucket, and an inline ruffle percolator. With these components, the glass bong does an outstanding job of filtering the smoke for you.

2. EHLE Glass

Germany is known for many things and one of them is its contribution to the world of glass bongs. Created back in the 1950s, EHLE is one of the most famous and oldest brands that offer high-quality glass instruments.
Thomas Ehle has been creating top-class glass bongs and water pipes for many years. The company is widely known for fine and elegant designs. It also uses computer-controlled and advanced glassmaking techniques to come up with premium quality glass bongs.

1. Black Leaf Bongs

There is no need to introduce Black Leaf Bongs as they are already in hot demand in the market. This particular company is committed to providing solidly constructed glass bongs at affordable rates. Among its numerous outstanding products, you should buy ‘Beaker Base 6 – Arm Perc Bong’ that has got a crisp and clean design. This affordable glass bong will provide you an entirely different experience for many sessions.


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