The Health Benefits of Running While High

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You probably know how the rush of endorphins to the brain during a running activity is called, right? For all those of you who don’t, it’s called a runner’s high, and today it can have a completely new meaning. While people usually only smoke pot in order to have some amazing fun with friends (or alone) while watching the stupidest and funniest videos ever, marijuana can definitely be used to improve a cardio workout. Of course, it’s very important to know when to smoke and how much. If we caught your attention, take a look at this article and see if you’re the right person for running while high (spoiler alert: everyone is).

The things to know

The first thing you need to do is have a small talk with you and make sure that marijuana is actually affecting you in a positive way. Even though you can smoke it, it can be quite difficult to regulate the dosage and it can also mess with your lungs; that’s why many turn to edibles instead. If you choose the latter, you have to wait for the effects to kick in (it can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours to feel the effects of edibles). Low doses can lead to a relaxed physical state and might help you feel relaxed and chill (which is known as “body high”), while higher doses can sometimes bring about acid-like trips, paranoia and hallucinations. Once the drugs kick in, the high can last up to ten hours, depending on the dosage. It’s also very important to know that the dosage list on the package of edibles may not even be accurate, due to the fact that it’s not regulated by the FDA. So pay attention to what kind of marijuana you’re using and how much. It’s always safe to go with the marijuana you already use and know.

Why run while high?

There are probably so many things that you didn’t know about the connection between cannabis and exercise. A research conducted in Australia found that THC helps you burn body fat, which means that smoking weed before a 30-minute workout can actually help you lose weight. If you’re not sure what to think about this research, then you need to know that another study from 2013 backed up this finding – pot smokers have 16% less fasting insulin and 17% lower insulin levels than people who don’t smoke.

What to bring with you

It goes without saying that running while high can definitely be quite a unique experience. The first thing you have to do is pick a place where you will be running, and bear in mind that it would be best to choose a place with plenty of nature, such as a forest or a hill. Since the temperature can get quite unpredictable in forests, parks and mountains, you need to have a way to keep warm, and high-quality thermal jackets are a great and lightweight option. Furthermore, fill your phone with some of your favorite songs for running, as the whole experience can be even stronger if you’re listening to the right music for running. And finally, you know that you will be very hungry for snacks, so bring a backpack that you will fill with water and healthy snacks such as bananas or figs. Stay away from sugary drinks, though.

Start experimenting

So, if you’re new in this department and you want to try out this activity, make sure that you know how to experiment.
1. The first thing you should do is realize whether you want to get dressed before smoking, or the other way around. All of this depends on your experience with marijuana, as if you have to get dressed while high you might give up on the activity. That’s why it’s good to be fully prepared to get out of the door immediately.
2. Once again, consider how you will ingest your cannabis. Apart from smoking and the edibles that we mentioned, you could also consider a canna-infused sports drink infusion to take with you, even though it’s neither the safest nor the healthiest option.
3. Always start slow. If this is your first running while high, don’t expect a full-on marathon.
4. Due to safety reasons, make sure that the first couple of times you run high during the day.
5. Once again, choose an off-road track as you don’t know how it’s going to affect you. If you get dizzy, you don’t want to collapse on the road.
6. Don’t go alone. You can always find someone who wants to experience this with you, and it’s always better when you have company for activities such as this one.

Should you get really baked?

Definitely not. You should get to a level where you only feel the warm fuzzies, and then start your run. Some people choose vaping over smoking, which is another idea. However, make sure that you don’t actually smoke a huge amount before you run, as it can ruin your whole experience.
Did we catch your attention? Are you going to run while high? You should definitely at least try it out, as it can really be a unique experience. After all, there are so many things that you can do while being high, and running is only one of them. It’s good to try new things stoned from time to time, so let’s start with this one.


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