The Ganja Kitchen Revolution

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There are more ways to consume marijuana than just smoking it.

If properly prepared, Cannabis can be added to food and consumed. Written by Jessica Catalano, and published by Green Candy Press, The Ganja Kitchen Revolution is a Cannabis cookbook that explains how to do so. Lavishly illustrated, the book provides step-by-step directions that are easy to follow and understand.

Somewhere between the realms of traditional pot smokers and concentrate aficionados are the fans of edibles. For some, they dislike the smoking activity, and prefer to consume without fire involved. For others, the convenience and discretion have an attraction. Some just like variety in their Cannabis consumption. Whatever the reason, food made with Cannabis can be a delight if done correctly.

When Cannabis is eaten, it tends to have a slower onset than smoking, so care should be taken not to overindulge. Combining a pipe-full with a Cannabis snack shortly before bedtime can help some people get closer to a full night of sleep; however, you should start with small doses and observe the effects before deciding to consume larger or stronger Cannabis foods. Fortunately, the book comes with a handy explanation of how to compute dosage based upon the amount of Cannabis you start with and serving size.

The book details how to make base ingredients such as decarboxylated Cannabis, basic cannabutters, infused oils and flavorings, and then uses these as building blocks for more ambitious dishes. While there are several dessert recipes for those who prefer their edibles sweet, Catalano also presents a variety of savory and drink recipes.

Recipes for traditional treats are infused with Cannabis for medical or recreational purposes

Suggestions are made for every meal of the day, from breakfast to dinner, with snacks in between. A far cry from simple pot brownies, this cookbook contains sophisticated recipes, such as “The American Romulan Ho Ho Cupcake” (a delectable cream-filled chocolate cupcake) and “Russian Sputnik Beef Stroganoff.” The Ganja Kitchen Revolution is a visually appealing book, with appetizing photos by Tyler Kittock illustrating both the processes and the finished products.

As mentioned above, the recipes are simple enough to follow, and many have an unusual spin. For example, the brownie recipe is for a raw brownie that is not cooked, and the chocolate chip recipe is vegan. After trying out a few, the principles (such as the need for decarboxylation) become clearer, and can be applied to your own favorite recipes, as well.

Since cannabutter is an ingredient for many recipes, that was one I decided to try. I followed the instructions and was rewarded with enough cannabutter to make a batch of chocolate chip (non-vegan) cookies. In the finished cookies, the pot flavor was not very noticeable, but rather added a delightfully subtle note to the treat.

As a final point, regarding 'munchie'-style items such as cookies, consider making a non-Cannabis version as well, or you might find yourself wanting another cookie – not for more Cannabis, but for the cookie itself. I found myself eating a couple more than I meant to, just for the cookie-eating pleasure.

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