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01 Feb 2024

There is a lot to tell about the world of cannabis. For over three decades now, Soft Secrets has been bringing readers around the world the latest updates on cannabis and sharing grow wisdom on how to cultivate the medicinal plant. We were there when the industry was small and the community had extremely limited access to knowledge on cultivation. We are here now when the sector is blooming and an ever-increasing number of countries are embracing legalization.

Every month we publish hundreds of stories and news about cannabis. Our readers come from all corners of the globe: the Soft Secrets websites and magazines are available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Polish, and Czech languages. 

With our editorial selection we share advice and instructions for everyone who wants to grow their own herbs at home. Our guides on growing cannabis are adapted for both novice and experienced growers. Readers can check on various nutrition, trimming or harvest tips, and learn more about the best practices for both indoor and outdoor crops growing. In our strain reviews, we highlight specific information on how to optimize the growth process for each cultivar to produce better yields. 

Another part of our reporting is focused on the latest scientific research on cannabis, all the medicinal and clinical trials that involve the plant, and advice on how to use cannabis to improve health outcomes. 

Our team also works hard to cover the latest happenings in the world of business as well as the most important developments in the global legalization movement. The U.S. readers of Soft Secrets can access the latest updates on the federal status of marijuana and follow legal updates for each state independently. 

All our online content is free to read, as are our printed magazines and specials — and we intend to keep it free and open for everyone at all times. 

But doing all of that isn’t cheap. While Soft Secrets generates some profits from advertising, our most reliable source of support is the cannabis community itself and everyone who values the digital and print contents that we create. 

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