When You Develop High Marijuana Tolerance, T Break is for the Best

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26 Sep 2020
When smoking marijuana doesn't feel right, perhaps it's time you take a T break because after smoking so much, you've developed marijuana tolerance. Is it possible? Yes, it is. And no, it's not a breakup. T break or tolerance break is a short break you can take, like two weeks or a month, to let your body recalibrate so you can feel euphoria from smoking again.  Mary Jane might be your favorite friend to hang out with, rolling joints, enjoying your own company while being high, or having fun with friends or with your partner. But after a while, as you might already have experienced, the effects of smoking marijuana tapper off. No matter how much you take, no matter if you took different weed than last time, put simply, it just doesn't feel that way.  The chances for high marijuana tolerance increase when you grind and puff nugs every day. You may well observe that you gradually increase the dose of how much weed you take. From one joint, you passed to two joints. At first, two rolls did the trick, but after a while, to your frustration, again, it was not enough to help you relax. In fact, some people who develop marijuana tolerance may even feel agitated or nervous. They've spent a significant chunk from the jar to roll that joint, and the effects evaporated in less than an hour.  When you see that marijuana is just not working anymore as it should, it's time to take a "holiday" from smoking. That's what a T break is.  marijuana tolerance, T break

Should you take a T break? Better yet, do you want to?

Of course, you don't want to give up marijuana for a few weeks. Who does? Everyone craves for that relaxed feeling of euphoria and happiness weed gives you after smoking. It's your go-to solution for rainy days, for when you return home after a nervous day at work or when you want to release the stress that family dinner caused you. However, if you have been smoking weed for an extended time, say six months non stop, your body becomes accustomed to THC, and smoking stops generating any euphoric feelings. That is a signal that your endocannabinoid system is compromised, which is involved in numerous physiological processes, including mood regulation. It's compromised to the point that it cannot efficiently process THC. If you are an experienced user, you already know that starting a T break should benefit your body, will lower your marijuana tolerance, and enable you to enjoy pot even better when you restart using it a month later.

You're probably thinking… Can I just reduce how much I consume?

Yes, one option is to reduce how much weed you take. You can cut back by starting to take leap days or days when you don't take any cannabis. Or, if your routine was to smoke a couple of joints per day, you may now begin to roll only one in the evenings. While cutting back on smokable cannabis may work with some users, for others, it may only bring moderate effects and fail to restore the cannabis receptors as it should. If you truly want to restore your ability to experience marijuana to its full potency in your body, it's best if you abstain from taking any for a more extended period of time. Each body type is different, so there's no sharp rule on how long a T break should you take to address your marijuana tolerance. While two weeks is the minimum you want to try, the effect from the break would be more significant if you last without smoking for six weeks. The more you abstain, the better for your future self, grinding and smoking again. Another fact is that THC remains in your body for about a month. Allowing your body to detox from the presence of any marijuana you may have smoked or ingested will undoubtedly soothe you well. marijuana tolerance, T break

Your behavior on T break

Yeah, about that. You may not be at your best once you start your tolerance break. At least not so great in the first days of your break. It's how the withdrawal syndrome starts, and there are various ways of how a person will manifest their withdrawal symptoms. Some people become more irritable than usual. Some might experience poor or dream-disturbed sleep a couple of nights in a row and then be all grumpy the next day. Other withdrawal symptoms include quickly feeling anger, loss of appetite, which does not necessarily affect weight, and in some cases, it feels like you're falling in depression. It would help if you remembered that all of these symptoms are temporary. They'll pass quickly. Withdrawal symptoms are stronger in the first days of T break, so to make it count, you must endure through the first week, no matter how difficult this might be for you. If you interrupt your break by grinding those nugs, oh well, you'll notice that all withdrawal symptoms quickly disappear. But that's not the point. The bigger picture of taking a T break is truly resolving your marijuana tolerance, creating an inner balance, and restoring your ability to smoke weed and feel euphoric again from doing it. If it comforts you, taking a break from weed is more manageable than taking a break from alcohol or trying to quit tobacco. If you have a friend who's been through quitting tobacco, reach out to them and ask them for advice on how they did it. If you have been taking weed to sleep better, try to find a replacement for the period when you start your break, such as taking melanin for sleeping. Going to the gym, reading a book, or doing anything you'd like to do when you go on a holiday (that's not smoking weed) will help you fill your pastime. marijuana tolerance, T break As a last thought, perhaps you'll find this task extra hard. You might even think that you have become dependent on the substance since you can't stop smoking. But don't panic yet. Nobody tells you that you should stop taking weed forever. Usually, two weeks are enough to give your brain a fresh start and for the T break to take hold. Cutting back on weed gradually before launching a full break, may well work as a strategy when you really want to pause. When you go back to grinding those nugs, remember, your body now has less tolerance to marijuana, so it's wise if you reduce the quantity of weed you want to use for your joints. The feeling is sweeter after a break, but don't be greedy!
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