What's Special About Delta THC Gummies and Flower?

Stephen Andrews
20 Dec 2021

Synthetic analogs of THC, such as Delta-8 and Delta-10 THC, have become popular consumer options over the last year. Delta-8 and Delta-10 are available in the form of gummies, flower, and vape carts. Extracted from hemp, the catch with these THC alternatives is that they produce milder high, enjoyable for everyone with lower marijuana tolerance.

Delta-8 and Delta-10 THC offer a bit different kind of high than standard Delta-9 THC. Classic Sativa strains can work as superior stimulants, while classic Indica are generally more relaxing. Sativa can boost your energy; it can improve the mood, and make you more alert and present in the here and now. On the other hand, Indica can help release tension in the muscles, combat stress and help fall asleep easier. Still, those are simply general characteristics; there are, after all, various nuances in the effect, depending on the strain or hybrid. 

THC analogs such as Delta-8 and Delta-10 generate the same effects from smoking, but with one main difference. The intensity of the reactions from smoking is supposed to be milder. 

Delta THC Gummies and Flower Give High That is Easier to Manage

Delta-8 edibles and smokable products generate a milder high that is easier to handle compared to standard THC. It's an uplifting, energizing buzz that won't glue you on the sofa. Delta THC users report staying active and productive for hours after ingestion

Exhale Wellness, BudPop, Smokiez, HollyWeedCBD, DiamondCBD and 3Chi are some of the most popular Delta-8 manufacturers at the moment. Their offer include gummies and smokable Delta-8 flower that are variations of familiar classic strains. Basically, you can browse for strains such as Bubba Kush, Sour Diesel, Skywalker OG, Northern Lights, Sour Space Candy, etc., that are actually Delta THC flower. 

Delta-8 THC is also available in vape carts. All three forms of Delta produce consistent high, much more relaxing, with more body bliss and less head buzz. 

Between Delta-8 and Delta-10, Delta-10 THC is more costly to produce. Delta-10 products are also often mixed with Delta-8 or with CBD. 

Delta-10 is removed from CBD in minimal amounts, which raises the cost for extraction. Manufacturers often mix the extraction with another analog so they can offer Delta-10 products at consumer-friendly prices. Delta-10 has been likened to mild sativa by users. Still, the buzz is potent and felt all down the body. 

Similar to Delta-8, Delta-10 is very popular in the form of gummies. Delta Extrax, Hyper, Hometown Hero, Mellow Fellow, Blaze, and Extrax Tropical are among the more interesting brands to browse for a luscious stash of Delta-10 edibles.  

Delta THC gummies and flower

Which Products Are More Potent? 

While the differences are subtle, Delta THC has been found to be a bit more potent than Delta-10 THC, mostly because of cannabinoid ratios. For example, Delta-8 THC typically contains a substantial amount of CBN. The presence of CBN is what enables Delta-8 products to last a bit longer after ingestion or inhalation. 

Delta-8 THC might be a better option than Delta-10 for those who want a bit more euphoric high. Anyway, both alternatives are suitable for those who have low THC tolerance and who are prone to experience anxiety episodes after smoking stronger THC strains. 

Is Delta THC Safe For Consumption? 

There has been some concern for Delta THC products. A recent spike in hospitalizations from Delta-8 THC prompted The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to issue a public health warning in September. The CDC warned users that certain Delta-8 THC products are handled with negligence and are being mislabeled. 

Delta-8 and Delta-10 THC is novelty, hemp-derived cannabis, and there's a lack of strict regulation for manufacturers. If you purchase Delta THC goodies, it's important to check the label and whether it clearly outlines product information. 

Product info on the packaging should not be limited only to the percentage of cannabinoids; for example, if it's edible gummies in question, some of the other info that needs to be detailed is how the cannabinoids were infused or what solvents were used in the extraction process.

If you purchase online also see what other users say about the product you're interested. It might help your buying decision whether the product reviews look genuine or fake. 

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