Urban Garden 2.0 – AK47/Orange Bud Crossbreed (Part 2)

Soft Secrets
19 Apr 2017

In the previous report, I decided to germinate AK47 / Orange Bud crossbreed which was crossed by a good friend last year. Nine of the twelve seeds that should have been germinated have emerged.

After approximately three weeks the cuttings have emerged beautifully and are looking very healthy. At this time you really don’t need to feed the cuttings, there is still enough food in the ground and I only feed them when I pot them. Then it was time to select the plants and decide which of the plants finally would be potted and put in the tent. When I select the plants I look at the branches of the plants, when the branches are already a bit wider the chance is big that it’s a female plant, but this is not 100% certain. Out of experience with regular seeds I noticed that the male cuttings have the urge to shoot up very fast with little branches. This allows for an easy selection but doesn’t give any certainty. Besides that there are certainly other methods to tell if you have an male or female plant but in this stadium of the pants that isn’t visible yet. But I will come back on this subject at a later time.

Eventually I selected six of the nine germinated seeds for the process that I described. The cuttings will not get any food the first few days because they just have been potted and first have to get used to it before they can perform to their max. Next time I'll explain more about the difference between a male and female plant and we will continue with the selection process and see what will remain of the plants. Everything I do, write and share in this grow report comes from my own personal experience. I'm certainly no expert, but I would like to share my findings and my ways with you. Text & photos: Youri V

Soft Secrets