Natural fight against smell

Soft Secrets
28 Apr 2016

Smell is among the major causes of incarceration for growers. Indeed, although, in our growing experience, we get used to smells and do not perceive them, this can be a source of conflict with neighbours. There are also cases of weed crops intercepted without a search warrant, where the police argue an intense smell was perceived in the street.

The Neutralizer has been designed to definitively solve smell issues for growers. It is based on a natural combination of essential oils derived from flowers and fruit and is manufactured in Spain. Its components are carefully assembled – in particular it has a core made of high-quality injected plastics with a long useful life. In this article, two growers with experience in using the “Neutralizer” tell us about it

Installation tips

1) Use inside the grow-room. The process is the same as that occurring when roses or jasmines are grown in the same place, the jasmine smell prevails without ultimately affecting the quality of the rose. The Neutralizer vaporises the molecules of vegetable essential oils in such a way that no effect is produced on the harvest quality, or the persons or pets living in the house. It can confidently be used inside grow rooms or tents, and drying rooms. 2) Consider the flow of air. In the first place, the oil molecules need to be vaporised evenly within the room, which requires a little bit of air extraction to ensure internal air circulation, whereas leaving the neutraliser work without extraction could be too much. Next, you need to wait at least one hour to have any appreciable effects. Sometimes ventilation may be used to control heat by removing air at the highest power – in doing so “The Neutralizer” will need no minimum working time to become effective.

Zero smell and zero problems with neighbours

Carlos is an indoor cannabis grower and has a lighting system with three 600-watt lamps, duly equipped with a carbon filter to treat the air flowing into the street. He lives in an old house with smells escaping through the floor planks and spread throughout the building. One day he came back to his grow-shop damn scared, a neighbour had affixed a sign clearly warning that, if the building continued to smell of marihuana, he would report the fact to the police. The Neutralizer was at that time being launched on the market – the slogan used was really tempting “Smell anything? Then return it”, so Carlos thought “I have nothing to lose”. As a test, he connected The Neutralizer to the floor of his grow-room facing the air extractor. He could not believe it. In a little more than one hour the smell inside the building disappeared. Carlos never returned the product. Quite the reverse, he start using a refill for each harvest. Now he turns it on when the smell starts to pervade the room during the blooming phase. Subsequently, he turns the room into a drying room and, in this phase too, The Neutralizer protects the environment from unwanted smells.

A multi-purpose product Hector is a Cantabrian grower who normally takes care of various greenhouses during summer. In his flat he uses a room as a drying room. During winter, he also mounts a flowering tent inside. Moreover, his friends meet in his house for tasting sessions. Apart from this frenetic activity, he is also a very discreet person, and he does not want his neighbours to meddle in his affairs. The Neutralizer is a multipurpose solution that he finds useful in this respect. He turns it on when he needs it, and then powers it off and keeps it for the next occasion. When Hector uses his grow-room as a drying room, totally full with marihuana, The Neutralizer works permanently as a small air extractor at the minimum speed to remove treated air from the room. For indoor blooming in a grow tent, he installs The Neutralizer on the tent floor. When he smokes with his friends, he leaves The Neutralizer connected to the floor of the room, with a window ajar to expel smoke and favour an air stream for the effect to spread throughout the room. As The Neutralizer needs an hour to be effective, he generally switches it on well before friends visit him, as it gives the house a pleasant and hygienic smell. He sometimes takes The Neutralizer to other places – e.g. in one of the greenhouses he makes the first trimming of plants in a hut close by, where he preferably uses The Neutralizer just in case he receives unexpected visits. In this case, he tells us, he carries his unit invariably placed vertically in a plastic bag, as it could spill liquid if tilted.


The Neutralizer has excellent results for the natural removal of the cannabis smell in all environments and circumstances, i.e. cannabis growing, trimming, drying and consumption.

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