An Interview with Luc Krol

08 Jun 2022

In this Soft Secrets Interview our own Stoney Tark had a talk with Luc Krol from Paradise Seeds. Check the interview below!

Hi Luc, Can you tell us how you got started breeding Cannabis?

I grew my first plant in my parent’s garden as a teenager - a friend brought the seed back from the Caribbean. From that day I was hooked and became obsessed with growing the best cannabis plants I could (it’s funny how that mentality hasn’t changed all these years later!). I moved to Amsterdam and started to experiment with my ‘hobby’ in the 1990s, scaling up the breeding and getting interest from coffeeshops like Mother’s Milk, while exchanging seeds with travellers coming through Amsterdam from cannabis landrace hotspots around the world. 

What was breeding in Amsterdam like in the old days and what about the law?

In the 1990s, Amsterdam was a very liberal place and had a big squat scene. The centre of Amsterdam was run down and filled with many empty old buildings which got taken over and turned into living and creative spaces. This was my new Amsterdam home! I was able to experiment on a large scale, taking advantage of large abandoned rooms (using street light bulbs!) and rooftops in the summer. In those days the cops didn’t really care about weed as they were focusing on hard drugs like heroin which were a real problem in the city. 

Can you tell us about the old school strains that were around in the early days?

Landrace strains were popular such as Durban Poison, Thai Stick, Acapulco Gold but in short supply, so it was hash that dominated the coffeeshop menus. This changed in the 1980s/1990s with the popularity of a new generation of weed strains which could be grown in Europe, varieties such as Northern Lights, Skunk, Haze and White Widow.  

When did Paradise Seeds start and what were your first lot of strains?

Paradise Seeds started officially in 1994 as a company. The strain which put us on the map was Sensi Star (1999 was our real breakthrough year) and there were also early versions of Dutch Dragon and Allkush. 

How do you compare the modern day U.S hybrids to the old school Dutch varieties?

There is maybe a bit more resin and flavour in new strains but if you look at some of the strains from back in the 1990s (like an NL, Sensi Star or Dutch Dragon  for example), they were seriously sticky-finger-resinous varieties too! So perhaps there is an element of hype that says today’s strains are the ‘best ever’. However!... Today’s strains are developed with the benefit of huge improvements in growing equipment and shared knowledge (thanks to the internet) and in the US legalization has created new opportunities to cultivate more freely too. These factors have inevitably fed into the quality of today’s US hybrids.  However, people shouldn’t forget the quality of old school genetics!   

Multiple strains

When you are making a new line, what are the things you think about?

We are always looking to release well balanced strains displaying good stability and uniformity. You plant 3 seeds, they should all grow the same way! Then there are the flavours, which of course have become more sought after with an increased awareness of terpenes. Paradise always likes to bring extra resin to the party too! We also listen to our customers, which is why our two Spring releases (Glowstarz and White Noise) also have excellent resistance qualities for outdoor growers.  

What are your top tips for any one who wants to become a breeder like yourself?

Well in practical terms a lot of space! You need this to make the selections. From a character point of view you need to have patience, dedication, and a good nose is also extremely useful! 

Are there any mistakes a breeder should avoid and if so what?

Most mistakes in breeding come from rushing the process and not testing sufficiently. If we are talking dominant traits then it always pays to make sure that the trait you’re looking for will breed through.

Are you working on any new Paradise Seeds strains and when will they be released?

In March we are releasing 4 new varieties! We have two new photoperiod strains which we are very happy with; a new addition to our own Californian Collection, Glowstarz, which is a very well balanced and ‘fun’ hybrid which will grow almost anywhere and has 2% terpenes and 25% THC! The other is White Noise - a frosty number which gives the classic White Widow a Cookies makeover for the 2020s. We also have two new autoflowering varieties; a high yield, high THC strain (Stromboli Auto) and a super citrusy/passion fruit uplifting sativa (Lemonade Auto) with THC of up to 25%.  

Thank you so much for your time today Luc…where can our readers find out more about yourself, Paradise Seeds and future strain releases?

Thanks to you Soft Secrets! It’s always great to catch up with old friends! Our website, has all the essential info, including strains, monthly  promotions, grow tips and news. You can also follow our social channels: Facebook: @paradiseseedsofficial, Twitter: @paradiseseeds, Instagram: @paradiseseedsofficial

>>>>> Streamer: Most mistakes in breeding come from rushing the process and not testing sufficiently.

Luc, busy pollinating one of his seedchambers