How to Hide That You're Smoking?

Stephen Andrews
01 Apr 2022

For some reason, you want to keep concealed the fact that you are smoking weed. You might live in a household that doesn't approve of smoking pot. Worse, you might live in such a household in a state where recreational use of marijuana is still illegal. It could be your landlord, mother, father, boyfriend, or girlfriend who dislikes the idea of you getting high. Even if it's just one innocent joint at the end of a hard-working day. I heard from an experienced smoker with years of doing it in secret, and below in the article are summed up the tips I got from him. Care to read? Do scroll to fish some fresh ideas.

Let's assume you live in a house where smoking pot is out of the question. I assume all the action should occur in your bedroom or outside in the backyard. If you live in an apartment in a residential building, you are by the window or on the balcony. Which could be a bit trickier, but eventually, you'll manage it.

First, one precondition is that you have a room of your own where you can hide your stock (a bag of weed hidden in a sock, that kind of style). You take out the equipment once everyone's asleep or when there's nobody home, and it's time for the secret mission. Use the tips below if you need ideas on how to proceed further. 

Use tobacco to conceal the smell.

You may not be a great fan of tobacco, however, with tobacco, it's easier to conceal the odor of your blunt. When you sandwich grounded weed in a blanket of tobacco, it will not diminish the smell of marijuana by 100%, but it will help reduce it significantly. 

Use two separate rolls.

If you want to play even safer, you can prepare two different rolls. One that is only tobacco (or use a cigarette instead), and another roll that mixes tobacco and weed. First, light up the cigarette to create a fume in the air. Once the cigarette dominates the smell in the air, light up the other roll. This is also a nice trick if you smoke in an area of the backyard where someone may still bump on you. You can quickly dispose of the joint or leave it on the side and pretend you have a regular cigarette before bed. 

Act it out.

You finished smoking, and you are on your way back to the house. By this time, you can feel the THC kicking in. It feels a bit woozy in your head. The worst thing that could now happen is bumping into the person who may frown upon the fact you were getting high. And you know this could ruin your high. This is where you need to continue your play pretend. The other person will not necessarily notice you are high. Unless perhaps your eyes are red popcorns. You can say you were out to throw away the garbage or something. Say you really feel tired right now, and you are going to bed. There are fair chances non-users are unaware of cannabis at all. Even if someone notices that's a funny smell in the air, you can say you are smoking flavored tobacco, or you can brag about those new smell sticks your friend brought you from India. You can get creative and inventive with stories.

how to hide that you are smoking weed.
Photo by Elsa Olofsson on Unsplash

Talk less if you get a company.

Your roommate just woke up to have a midnight snack. He has never enjoyed weed himself, and he now has prejudices against your habit, which is why you want to conceal that you just smoked marijuana five minutes ago. Weed could modify the pitch of your voice. You might sound different after smoking, especially if the sh*t was strong. And people will notice if you growl at them every other night. Don't enter conversations when you feel like your voice is off. You can occupy yourself with other activities rather than talking, such as watching a movie or playing a computer game and pretending that you are sleepy and that's why your eyes are a bit tired. You are going to go to bed very soon; that's what you are trying to communicate with your body. When your roommate returns to their bed, you can stay up all you want and enjoy your solo high. And perhaps do another blunt later. A glass of water along the way can really help.

Don't say to people you toke. 

The best way to ensure that something stays secret is that you don't talk about it in front of other people. Perhaps you still need more time to come out of the green closet. And you are just not there yet to admit to your close circle about your new habit. You are still analyzing arguments in your head about how to respond to comments if someone objects to your smoking weed. It's best not to share this information with people until you accept that you are smoking weed. 

Final words

Well, I hope you won't have to resort to such measures for an extended period of time. Hiding something can be exhausting. And after all, part of the pleasure of smoking is enjoying it freely without giving a damn. If you are hiding for too long, you likely have a problem accepting that you are smoking. However, it's good to know some of these life hacks that can sometimes save your high and allow you to enjoy yourself without interference from the outside. 

Stephen Andrews