How to Deal with Weed Hangovers?

Stephen Andrews
17 May 2023

Smoking weed can trigger hangover-like symptoms the next day in some people. Weed hangovers aren't the same thing as alcohol hangovers. They are more tolerable for the most part and can be taken care of by doing simple things like drinking more water and taking a shower, having a coffee and eating a nice nutritious meal.

Fatigue, lethargy, brain fog, a headache, or mild nausea are some of the common symptoms associated with weed hangovers, reported by some users. Weed hangovers usually happen when you smoke too much or combine weed with other substances, such as alcohol. Sometimes the symptoms will go away on their own; all it takes is a few hours, so if it's the weekend, that's great. Other times, you may need to fix yourself a little. 

Drink a lot of fluids 

After all the smoking and toking, your body is probably drained, so you need to drink a lot of water. This will help with the headache and also with your cottonmouth. Lemon juice can help you ground if you still feel overwhelmed and floating with your thoughts from last night's high. Coffee or tea will speed you up and make you more alert, especially if you have some important tasks to do. 

Take a shower

A shower can also help you feel refreshed and hydrated the morning after smoking pot. The hot steam will relax the body and open your nostrils and lungs, clogged from all that smoke.

Eat a nice breakfast

Opt for a nice nutritious breakfast if you didn't already have the munchies late last night and swallowed the entire fridge. Eggs and bacon, yogurt, toast with marmalade or cheese, or a nice warm chicken soup can really help recover and restore.

Try out CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) can work as an excellent medicine to treat some of the symptoms associated with weed hangovers. If you feel nervous, anxious, or weirdly stressed out, perhaps even guilty, a few drops of CBD can help you calm down and tear away the bad thoughts.

Take some rest

A weed hangover is more likely if you don't sleep too well. If you only slept a few hours, try and take a nap the next day so that the body can compensate for the lost hours of sleep. If you have difficulty falling asleep, a little CBD can again be of help.

Take a pain reliever

Sometimes the headache won't go away. It's just there, and it isn't enjoyable. In this case, take an over-the-counter pain reliever. It won't take long before you feel new again. 

weed and hangovers

When Do Weed Hangovers Happen?

You're more likely to experience anything like a weed hangover when you smoke too strong weed, when you use weed too much or many days in a row, or when you mix weed with other substances such as alcohol. 

Strong weeds

Usually, the more potent flowers, with significant concentrations of THC in them, could make you feel a bit wasted after smoking. With very potent strains, it doesn't take much to get high. But there's always the invitation for another round of smoke, and the THC piles up in the body. 

Frequent use

Feeling low after a few days or weeks of smoking might be a signal that your body feels a little bit overwhelmed, and perhaps it's time to take a short break before you indulge yourself again. Not all strains will cause problems from frequent use, but some will. 

Mixing with other substances

Using weed by itself is usually harmless, and it's not very likely that it will affect how you feel the following day if you pertain to modest use. But the same cannot be said if you use weed along with alcohol or other drugs.

Withdrawal symptoms 

If you smoke pot daily and suddenly stop consumption, you may again experience some weird changes, such as being moody or having difficulty focusing or falling asleep. These are withdrawal symptoms, and they may take a few days to go away. 

Lingering effects of smoking

Most of the time, a weed high lasts between one and four hours. It very much depends on how strong the weed is. But if you take edibles, such as a strong cookie, it will take longer for the body to digest it, and the effects may last into the next day. 

If some five hours have gone since you last smoked pot (don't count edibles), and you haven't mixed it with alcohol or something else, it's more likely that you experience some of the after-effects of weed.

All in all, not everyone will necessarily experience weed hangovers. Some people don't ever report feeling anything like that (which is wow, their bodies have this outstanding reaction, taking the best of weed). Others, however, might feel a bit off, but remember, it doesn't take much to self-manage and be back on your feet in no time. 

Stephen Andrews