The History of Peyote Cannabis

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02 Feb 2022

Currently, there are nine different cannabis strains genetically linked by a Peyote lineage. Since being introduced to the public a few short years ago, the cannabis community has collected thousands of these seeds, spreading a genomic heritage that spans centuries and continents.

How Today’s Peyote Cannabis Range Was Born

Peyote WiFI, Forum, Wi-Fi CBD 2:1, Gorilla, Zkittlez L. A Kush and Cookies all stem in one way from the legendary Peyote Purple. Purple was developed by CannaBiogen Seeds, and all of the modern variants continue on this genealogy.

The seeds that got us here were selected by Mikel, a Spanish hobbyist collector and breeder who’s worked exclusively with Seedsman to develop their own unique Peyote range cultivars.

Here’s how we got here and where we’re going.

Bubba Kush, of course

One of the most enigmatic varieties of cannabis, Bubba Kush is one of modern cannabis’s most famous and crossed strains.

Peyote Purple was first developed by a breeder named Kaiki, a mythical figure in the cannabis scene, who was also the man behind many legendary CannaBiogen strains. In early 2010, Kaiki came across some Bubba Kush seeds selected by a breeder called Huesos out of the States. Huesos had been crossing Bubba Kush seeds with all types of emerging as well as landrace strains for years, some more successful than others.

Kaiki began the process of selection himself, S1 backcrossing these Bubba Kush from the USA until he found a strain that not only tasted, grew, and smoked great—it also looked incredible—developed from several generations that isolated the purple shade phenotype found in Bubba Kush.

That was Peyote Purple.

Peyote Purple is an indica dominant hybrid strain named for its cloudy high, and gorgeous, purple shade appearance.

The buds have dark olive green-shaped nugs with rich purple and black undertones, amber hairs and a frosty blanket of purple-tinted trichomes dripping with resin. Each flower smells of vanilla mixed with spice and is a real attention stealer in any grow. The high is mellow, calming the mind and body, ensuring a smooth sleep and a stress-free stone.

The Industry Takes Note

Peyote Purple was just one of a dozen strains Kaiki had derived from those original Bubba Kush seeds, but it was the strain that brought the most attention.

Enter Mikel, who took a few Peyote Purple seeds and began his own cross-breeding program with various landrace strains. Initially, a harvest would take up to 150 days, but there was no commercial appeal. The industry had grown to demand more “American” type genealogy - quick harvest was the name of the game then and still is now.

This breeding program led to some incredible results, and Mikel fully developed new cultivars like Wi-Fi, Gorilla and CBD 2:1. By crossing a male Peyote Purple seed with landrace genetics, flowering time was cut in half while potency increased.

Mikel’s cuts won various cannabis awards, including:

  • (1st) Outdoor Basque Country Cup 2013
  • (1st) Indoor Expogrow Irún
  • (1st) 1st Cup Cordoba (Best Breeder)
  • (2nd) THC Indoor Valencia 2014

The Modern Peyote Range

In 2019, Seedsman introduced a new Peyote Range. Mikel continued to cross his Peyote Purple clones, resulting in some of the seed banks most popular and sought-after strains.

Purple was crossed with an L.A. Kush clone to create L.A. Peyote Kush, resulting in THC levels exceeding 20% and a strain that even the most regular smoker needs to take easy.

Purple was also crossed with another hybrid Wi-Fi (The White OF X Fire O.G.) to create Peyote Wi-Fi to create an incredible 25% THC level plant and one of the most potent strains one can buy anywhere.

Mikel then crossed Wi-Fi with Zkittlez, and Peyote Zkittlez was born, a sweeter tasting and quicker flowering plant with similar THC levels and that famous purple hue.

Peyote Gorilla saw Purple being crossed with Gorilla Glue #4, which introduced new elements of earthy scents and woody notes, offering a great yield and yet another potent high.

To offer something different for collectors less interested in how stoned one could get, Peyote Wi-Fi CBD 2:1 as bred by crossing Peyote Purple and Wi-Fi O.G. with the high-CBD Candida phenotype known as Seedsman CBD #2 to offer soothing relief for medical consumers.

Peyote Wi-Fi CBD 2:1 produces between 12-14% CBD whilst THC levels are around 6-8% which will help provide relief from the symptoms of a wide range of ailments whilst not getting patients heavily stoned and debilitated. Truly an example of Peyote Purple’s flexibility as a parent strain.

The History of Peyote Cannabis

The Power of Purple

Mikel has spent his life collecting cannabis seeds from all over the world. In each seed is the potential for something magical. Peyote Purple was just one seed that came from one Bubba Kush seed, which itself was developed from generations of OG Kush, mixed and matched, pollinated and crossed across the world by hundreds of breeders growing thousands of plants in sheds, lofts and basements.

Kaiki from Cannabiogen first introduced Peyote Purple, and Mikel’s ability to cross and breed those genetics is why there’s such a vast Peyote selection for you to collect today.

It’s this long and complicated international tapestry that allows you as a grower to purchase strains so genetically developed on Seedsman. Its collectors like Mikel, who never stop experimenting, whose curiosity and determination can lead to some pretty incredible results.

The cannabis community is made up of people just like Mikel, dreamers and doers who genuinely believe in the magic of the plant. No one knows where we go next, and that’s part of the fun.

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