First Time Smoking Pot? What to Expect?

Stephen Andrews
18 Oct 2022

New to weed and not sure what happens after the first "puffs"? Will you laugh out loud, or will it be a less cheerful outcome? The effects of Cannabis are many and the experience may be defined by just about anything, including what kind of weed you inhale, with whom you are smoking, how you feel that day, and where you are doing it. Here's what you should know at the start of your "career" in rolling and smoking.

The most important thing about smoking the first time is to be relaxed and chill. Let go of expectations and be open to what the experience brings. 


There's a general thought that Cannabis is either indica or sativa. While this classification is useful, it's still very broad and does not speak of the full spectrum of qualities that come with smoking and consumption of weed. Indica strains cause powerful elation in the body, while Sativas bring a more energetic head buzz. Moreover, a lot of today's strains are hybrid and have mixed properties of both Indica and Sativa. 

So, is it worth bothering yourself whether to choose Indica or Sativa? It's better to think about what do you want to get from Cannabis. Do you want to use it for stress relief after a hectic day, or do you want something that will stimulate your energy and level up your creativity and brainstorming? Is it purposed for better sleep at night or the simple pleasure of feeling more relaxed and contemplative while listening to music or watching Netflix? When you know what you want from Cannabis, you can make a better choice of strain. 

Smell and taste

As a result of terpenes, we can use smell to determine what kind of high we want from Cannabis. Strains can have fruity, floral, earthy, or diesel-like odors and flavors and this is what helps some users to decide what they are after. Fruity cultivars tend to be more uplifting, and floral ones are more on the introspective side. Those with earthy tones are known to relax the body, and diesel-like strains are more potent. If possible, try to choose smells and tastes that appeal to you. 


It's critical to use the right amount. If smoking weed induces feelings of anxiety and discomfort, it probably means you've had too much. As a newbie, your body has less tolerance for THC. It's good to be specific about what you take and how much. A slow and controlled intake can help the body adjust to the effects of weed and familiarizes the brain with the various sensations of feeling high. You may realize that you need far less than you previously thought for a happy experience.


Enjoying weed also depends on a number of "external" factors. Such as what kind of music is playing on Spotify or is your room warm enough. Your "high" self may prefer electronic chill-out music, unlike your "sober" self that prefers rock, pop, or jazz. Weed may sometimes make you feel more cold or more hot, so opening or closing a window in the room to regulate room temperature or just get some fresh air might be a good idea. You shouldn't be passive around room arrangements like that if you notice it's a source of discomfort. 

Solo vs. Social

Smoking alone can be beautiful and liberating. It can get you into introspection. You may end up exploring new music or get extra inspiration around the kitchen when the munchies hit. Smoking weed with other people can also be great fun, as long as it's happening with the right people for that matter. You may discover that some friends are not the right match to be in your surroundings when you get high. The other person may talk too much for your liking. They might want to go out when you want to stay home. The conflict of interests might spoil the fun of getting high. Consider these outcomes as you invite others to a smoking session.  

Don't get distracted

Don't think of "bad" experiences you might have had in the past, such as munching a whole cookie that made you feel sick. Focus on the therapeutic value you want to get from Cannabis and the mood you want to reach with consumption. If you don't like smoking, consider trying other delivery methods, but do remember that controlling how much THC goes in your body is easier done with pre-rolls than with other products.

What if it doesn't go so well?

Have a backup plan. Experimenting with weed involves learning your limits. It is best to relax and sleep it off if you overdo it. Water can help, and so do a few other tricks, like squeezing some lemon, trying black pepper, or cuddling your pet.  

A first cannabis experience can turn out both good or bad, and that's all fine. Everyone reacts differently to it. As you fine-tune and let yourself explore the sensations of high, it gets better. 

Stephen Andrews