FiftyPounds of Pot Delivered to Wrong Recipient in New Jersey

Soft Secrets
23 Oct 2015

Homeowner calls cops to report an unexpected delivery: a shipment that contains bags of weed!

Police in Hazlet, New Jersey are urging the intended recipient of around fifty pounds of Cannabis to show up and claim their illicit and misguided packages, according to their Facebook page.

On Tuesday, October 20, local cops received a telephone call from a resident who had received several boxes that had been addressed to the correct street and house number. However, the owner of the home to which the pot parcel was shipped contacted the authorities, as the listed addressee was someone who did not reside in the home.

According to the Hazlet Township Police Department, the shipment contained sealed plastic bags of marijuana, which were discovered when officers opened the boxes in an attempt to find a packing list or other information about the person listed on the shipping label.

Authorities are investigating both the sender and intended receiver of the weed delivery. The Hazlet Township Police Department's Facebook page includes this statement:

"If you were expecting these packages and would like to claim them, please come to Police Headquarters. In the meantime our detectives will be working with County, State and Federal Law Enforcement agencies to locate the owner of this property."

Soft Secrets