Daddio Breaking out the Chicago artist label

Soft Secrets
05 Feb 2018
As Soft Secrets, we want to create a place where multiple artists in the genre of our magazine can express themselves. To achieve that, we will spread artists from the musical and creative genre all over our online media. This we will do with reposting, promotion and of course interviews. The first person we’ve interviewed is the Rapper Daddio.

The artist

Daddio is a rapper born and raised in Chicago. He has been in the business for a while but he’s just starting to become bigger, because of sponsorships and collaborations. For example he has created his own brand of clothing, and he’s also in a collaboration with Raw Rolling Papers. For Daddio it is very important to stick to his roots. So not moving to any other city, and not doing anything to crazy. He likes to do things for the community, giving away food and clothes on thanks giving and helping other artists with their songs.
even the local smart shops hang posters from him on their walls
He sees himself as humble, and he would want to stay a normal person as long as he can. With this he means that he isn’t particularly interested in the “star life”. If it comes, he would be happy with it. But for now, a few people knowing him on the streets and working a normal job is fine to him.

The music

Daddio his style of music lays into Drill. But the last few years he has tried to look past that. As a born and raised artist from Chicago, it is difficult to do your own thing. That’s because Chicago is all about that kind of music. So, when he first tried his own kind of emotional, deeper and personal music, they all looked at him like he was crazy. So what he did, he went to Porto Rico to create his own music video, this together with sponsorships created him as the artist he is today. His “hometown” starts to appreciate his music more, and even the local smart shops hang posters from him on their walls. The music he makes is based on his own life experiences. He likes to make songs you can relax to, but it also makes you think about the world, god and life. The differentially between the drill songs like two three high made with Raw music, and the more deeper songs like Hear me lord and Who am I, makes his style interesting and different from other “Chicago artists”. The Chicago artist label he would really want to break from, but leaving his hometown for that, isn’t really an option.

The weed

Daddio smokes to relax, and it helps him to focus. He doesn’t smoke for the shits and giggles, it gets him in “the zone”. He feels and sees the music. He hears the melody coming, and then the lyrics come to him as well. He starts to think about where the beat will take him, will it be a lovesong, deep a song about weed? So his process of music is really influenced by smoking, but it also helps him think and relax.

The future

Daddio has shared some of his plans to Soft Secrets. He wants to release his first Solo album on itunes. An album of 16 songs that's only he. No collaborations, and no features. Only his music and his vibe. The style will be in the Who Am I and Hear Me God style. Really, to express his feelings and help others to go threw the same things as he is.   So Daddio is an artist who is trying to crawl his way into the industry, and he's only growing. His collaborations are only growing and he likes to shoutout the whole Raw Family and all his fans and followers.   Follow him on all his social media as Fukdaddio, and check out his music on youtube and soundcloud!
Soft Secrets