Bon Appetit with Comfort Weed Recipes!

Soft Secrets
20 Mar 2021

If you are good in the kitchen, you are good to go trying with these recipes. Just don't get high and burn down the house.

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food,” said once the great thinker George Bernard Shaw. And most certainly, after one good joint, we believe him. But, weed fans took this to another level and mixed their favorite strain with their delicious meals.  The result is decadent recipes, where you literally lose your mind, especially in this time of world pandemic—fun and challenging at the same time because, like everything in life, we must follow certain rules. The weed edibles spectrum runs from Thanksgiving recipes to complicated meals with 5 plate courses. But, let’s get back to basics, and please, forget about your diet! Here we present some fundamental guidance and extra tricks to be the star of the night (online night counts, too).

First thing first: Choose your strain!

Most probably, this will be determined by your mood and appetite of course. Breakfast or dinner, or maybe some brunching in between, weed impacts everyone differently: sativas are energy boosters, and indicas are mostly picked for relaxation and sleep. For ultimate energy experience pick something like Sour Diesel, Lemon Skunk, Green Crack, White Widow, Casey Jones or Golden Goat. But if you are more for Netflix and chill, maybe you will consider strains like Bubba Kush, Granddaddy Purple, Purple Punch or Blueberry.

On the sciency side

You probably know that raw weed is actually non-psychoactive; that is the reason it is commonly rolled and smoked. However, weed abounds with some 400 chemical compounds - vitamins, essential oils and acids, among others. In order to keep edible, you need to cook right, and while you'll often end up reading that the boiling temperature for THC is 314ºF (156ºC), it's worth noting some other general cooking-with-weed instructions too. Simply as to know where do you run the danger to reduce the potency of your snack if you overcook the weed. So, if you are baking cannabis-containing foods in the oven, you're unlikely to run into an excess heat problem. You are also good to go adding cannabis in most liquids as water boils at 212ºF (100ºC) which is within the safe range. Where it pays to get extra cautious is when stovetop cooking, frying, broiling or grilling over direct heat. For these cooking methods, it's more than recommended that you use as lower temperatures as possible. While we are at it, nudge into Thai cuisine for some great ideas on frying weed.  Always be on the lookout for a golden brown color when cooking weed in the oven, deploy the weed evenly on the cooking material, and ground it in a food processor! The process of activating THC with heat is called decarboxylation. Easy - peasy!
cannabis coffee and snacks.
Time for a break? A combo of some sweet luscious treats with some CBD coffee is entitled to cheer you up.

The most important meal: Breakfast!

Let’s start with Cannabis Coffee: You may use half a gram of ground weed (or more or less than that depending on your weed appetites), 3 cups of water, coffee powder, butter, or coconut oil. You can enrich with cream or other flavors, but that's up to you. Bring the mixture to simmer for some good 40 minutes. That would be enough time for all nutritious compounds of weed, but most importantly, THC and CBD to extract fully. Then, it's a good morning to you time.  Scrambled Eggs and Weed bacon: Outside of using infused vegetable or olive oils, there is no need for us to mix in your favorite eggs. Our suggestion is to add some spinach and hot sauce to drown out the weed flavor that infused oil can carry. For more energy, add bacon which will further activate the THC in cannabis. Sprinkle the baked cannabis powder on the bacon to your desired potency, and bake for 10 minutes.

Main courses

For an entree, we have chosen the comfort food: Gnocchi in Ganja Butter. This guarantees to make your bad day or even broken heart a bit better. Even better if the gnocchi is fresh, tossed in toasted brown butter and sage. Not your cup of tea? Then try the "regular" Baked chicken recipe that simply substitutes infused cooking oil or, for a bit Frenchie taste, go on vigorously with the cannabis butter. Simply massage your chicken with the oil or butter and make and take the extra tip: prepare a side dish of mashed potato with the cannabis butter, or for a healthier version, steam some broccoli and cauliflower with a bit of THC containing cooking oil

Night classics: Pizza and Potcorn!

Long day or even a week behind you? You don’t feel like cooking, but you need to improve your mood, right? You can make an impro: drizzle infused oil on a pizza pan or lightly on top of the pizza, and then cook any type of frozen pizza on top of the pan instead of the bare oven rack. You will thank us later! “Potcorn” actually is the good old rich in antioxidants popcorns, prepared in an old-fashioned way using unpopped kernels heated in a saucepan. With a simple combination of two or three cups of kernels with two tablespoons of coconut oil and two tablespoons of cannabutter, salt and pepper for taste, you are ready for a glorious movie marathon!
A bowl with weed.
A bowl of weed. It seems there's enough for both a smoke and for doing some cooking.

First aid!

You are in a rush but want to make the most of it, and you are kind of low on weed? Nothing that can’t be solved: Weed-nut butter and jelly sandwich is the yummy-yummy combination that will never get out of style! Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich is so simple to make. Just decarboxylate (if you are too stoned for this, check the start of the article) and melt the weed in the oven for 10 minutes, add some peanut butter and return it for another ten minutes at 230 degrees. Just spread to your favorite bread or bagel, and voila, you are good to go.

As an extra: cannabis-spiced fudge

Of course, we saved the best for last! For some decadent luscious treat, below is disclosed the full recipe.  You're going to need the following ingredients
  • 1 stick (½ cup) butter, 
  • 3 - 5 grams cannabis flower or 1 gram rosin press concentrate (or perhaps both)
  • 1 can condensed sweetened milk 
  • 3 cups melting chocolate, 
  • 1 cup of walnuts
Step 1: Grind and bake the cannabis in the oven for 25 minutes at 250°F to activate the THC compounds.   Step 2: Cook the butter on medium-high heat until it becomes clear yellow butter oil.  Step 3: Infuse cannabis into the butter over a double for an hour. Use filter or cheesecloth to strain and press oil from the cannabis. Alternatively, if you are using a cannabis concentrate, skip the first step and infuse the cannabis into the clear butter for 20 minutes. Step 4: After you infuse the butter, divide ¼ cup into a medium saucepan. Use a 9x9 square pan that you butter for the fudge. Pour over the remaining butter over chopped nuts in an oven-safe dish, then salt the nuts and toast in the oven for some good 10 minutes at 350° F.  Step 5: On low heat, heat the saucepan with butter, stirring in chocolate and milk. Do this until the concoction becomes smooth and somewhere at the end, add in the nuts.  Step 6: Finally, the hot fudge goes into a greased pan, cool it in the refrigerator for 2 hours, and then cut it into square pieces! No more talking, time for munching weed edibles. Be careful not to overdose!
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