The Best Cannabis Sativa Strains to Try in 2020

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03 Nov 2020

For every party, there's a stash of good Sativa that needs to enter the grinder.

Cannabis sativa strains are praised for their energizing, cerebral 'high.' Higher on THC and lower on CBD, sativas are billed for users who want to stay creative and productive while getting buzzed and relaxed.  It's worth noting though, that sativa is a rather general term, used merely to describe a generalized set of effects expected to be brought upon from smoking. You may still come across sativas that will fail to deliver their energy-inducing qualities, or at least you may discover that some sativas have more in common with indicas than you previously thought. Still, for the most part, a sativa strain is set to induce its invigorating effects. 

What are the best cannabis sativa strains to try?

Whether you wonder about the best cannabis sativa strains to try in 2020, scroll further. From Sour D. to Jack Herer, some sativas have enjoyed immense popularity ever since they were first introduced via the underground markets of the 1990s. And there must be a good reason why they're still some of the users' favorites today.

Amnesia Haze

Medical use: stress, mood disorders, anxiety, pain, fatigue, lack of appetite Effects: uplifting, euphoria, elating  Side Effects: might cause dry mouth and dry eyes while overconsumption may lead to paranoia in some users; however, compared to other sativas, Amnesia Haze has relatively few adverse effects Smell and flavor: pungent, strong earthy odor  A classic sativa strain with roots tracing back to South Asia and Jamaica, Amnesia Haze has won the best sativa title twice, at Cannabis Cups in 2004 and then in 2012. One of the world's best sativas, Amnesia Haze, remains a favorite also in 2020. It's appreciated for its uplifting buzz, which increases motivation and improves the focus.  Cultivation: The flowering time of Amnesia Haze can range from 10 to 13 weeks when grown indoors and between 80 and 95 days when grown outside. November is the month for outdoor harvest. You can use hydroponics, which is a standard method to grow Amnesia Haze, however, organic soil will boost the authentic smell and taste of this beloved strain.  The strain boasts a tall and stretchy plant constitution, so if you are growing Amnesia Haze inside and if your space is limited, one solution is to use established clones straight into flowers. Growers with enough room to grow tall plants can be at ease but should still leave some space between each plant so that lateral branches from the thick central stalk can protrude and come to light.  Outdoor growers should know that Amnesia Haze does not respond best to colder, northern-hemisphere climates.
best cannabis sativa strains
Cannabis sativa species have adapted in climates with extended hours of sunshine such as Central America, Africa and Southeast Asia. They best respond in warm to moderate climates.

Green Crack aka Green Cush

Medical use: stress, depression, anxiety, fatigue Effects: energetic, uplifting, happiness-inducing Side effects: possible dry mouth and dry eyes, in a small fraction of users onset of paranoia  Smell and flavor: citrusy, fruity, with a hint of earthy This potent sativa strain with a dangerous name has nothing to do with crack and is 100% cannabis. Known for its energizing effects and fruity, tangy aromas, Green Crack helps users fight depression, fatigue, and anxiety. According to a popular urban legend, the strain was named by Snoop Dog by how much you are likely to crave for it after using it. Cultivation: Green Crack has a quick flowering time of up to eight weeks, and it's usually ready for harvest at the beginning of October. Boost the plant's Phosphorus intake at the beginning of its flowering stage. If you grow outdoors, watch out for mold. If you grow indoors, keep temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees °F, and keep your grow room well ventilated. During the vegetation stage, if possible, keep your lights turned on your Green Crack 24 hours a day, not too close neither too far from the plant's canopy.

Sour Diesel  

Medical Use: stress, anxiety, pain Effects: energetic, uplifting, happy, make some users chatty Side Effects: dry mouth, dry eyes, paranoia in some users Smell and flavor: sour, skunky, pungent, at moments reminds of gasoline With THC contents that can range from 20 to 25%, Sour Diesel is one of the top medical cannabis strains known for inducing an energized and uplifting buzz. It's also equally loved by recreational users. As a fast-acting strain, a mood improvement is sure to follow the delightful and warm head rush from inhaling Sour D. The strain is not a stranger to accolades, as it has been on the High Times of top strains lists a couple of times, and it has won numerous cannabis cups. Patients suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, and depression have particularly praised the strain's incredible ability to treat mood symptoms.  Cultivation: For greater yields, opt for outdoor growing where it takes up to 11 weeks to flower. Conduct low-stress training of your plants to improve the harvest. If you grow inside, ensure that the temperature does not surpass 80 degrees °F. Prepare natural fertilizers such as compost tea to nourish your Sour D darlings.
best cannabis sativa strains
Compost tea is what you get from soaking a bag of compost in a bucket of water. Can contain worm castings, fish hydrolysate, molasses and kelp.

Durban Poison

Medical Use: stress, pain Effects: energetic, boosts productivity and creativity Side Effects: dry mouth and eyes Smell and flavor: fruity, minty, herbal, spicy  Don't get threatened by the name, as this pure sativa strain will not do as much as help you stay up and running, boosting your productivity and filling you with energy. Like other landrace strains, Durban Poison carries the name of the geographic region where it originates, the port city Durban in South Africa. You might be surprised to know that Durban Poison is one of the most sought after sativas out there. With around 18% relative THC content, Durban Poison has become a hit everywhere it traveled from its native African location. It made a name after it reached California in the 1970s, and it became the must-have seed of every Dutch merchant of the day. People have repeatedly seen the potentials of Durban Poison and have loved it. So, it's still one of the best strains to smoke today.  Cultivation: It's a relatively easy-to-grow strain, even for beginners. Durban Poison is resilient to different weather conditions hence it thrives both indoors and outdoors. Naturally, for greater yields, grow outside, but you may want to protect from pests by applying organic pesticides. Nourish your Durban Poisons with nitrogen during the vegetative stage. If you use specific growing mediums for indoors growing, ensure that the drainage is flawless and water every 3-5 days. Don't over-fertilize. 

Jack Herer

Medical use: stress, anxiety, depression, pain, fatigue  Effects: energetic, uplifting, happy Side effects: dry mouth and eyes in some users Smell and flavor: herbal, fruity, peppery Named after the cannabis activist and author Jack Herer, this spicy strain has been awarded many times for its potency and quality. The Sativa-dominant hybrid was developed by Sensi Seeds back in the 1990s, borrowing beautiful genetics from Haze, Northern Lights #5, and Shiva Skunk. Its unique effects of blissfulness and creativity are what still make it count in 2020.  Cultivation: It's one of the world's best cannabis sativa strains, but it's fairly difficult to grow. If grown correctly, the rewards of cultivating Jack Herer are huge! During the flowering stage, for which indoor growers must wait 50 to 70 days, opt for a 12/12 lighting schedule. If you fear this may affect the yield output, consider strategies such as installing side lighting in your indoor grow room.  If growing outdoors, ensure that the climate is warm to moderate, with temperatures ranging between 70 and 85 degrees °F. Under the right conditions, outdoor Jack Herer plants may grow monster big. Always concentrate on the top cola. Use less nitrogen than you would use for growing other strains. Wait for the old faithful rule that pistils change color 70% before proceeding to harvest.  Happy growing!
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