8 Ways To Get The Biggest Yields Indoors

18 Jan 2022

When it comes to growing Cannabis indoors, the yield is not always the most important factor, but it certainly doesn’t do any harm when you do hit those target production numbers. Especially if you are running a commercial scale enterprise based on profits and margins, so below are 8 different ways to help increase yields and grow the biggest Cannabis buds possible. In this article we explain the benefits of each and our top tips to consider to help you become the best indoor grower possible.

Light Intensity

Once you have got your genetics and nutrients lined up, the most important factor is the intensity of your grow lights. This does not mean how many lumens the bulb can produce, as this measurement is based on brightness and not how effective the light is when it comes to P.A.R distribution. Working with the best lights is imperative to how fast your Cannabis plant's photosynthesise, uptake nutrients, and of course perform during the blooming phase of 12/12.

  • Compact Fluorescent (CFL) are only good for cloning and soft vegetative lighting. 
  • Photosynthetic Active Radiation (P.A.R) is a measurement of the spectrum wavelength.
  • L.E.D lights focus on a higher output of P.A.R and can be more efficient than other lights.
  • Avoid using less than a 600w HPS for growing Cannabis buds.

Carbon Dioxide 

Supplementing your Cannabis buds with extra levels of CO2 will have a very positive effect and allow the plants to photosynthesis faster, metabolise water and nutrients easier and as a result increase in final dry weight between 20-25% in most cases. Cannabis plants are able to uptake carbon dioxide levels of 1200-1600ppm which is 3-4 times more than the amount supplied naturally that can be measured in the air.

  • Using CO2 requires higher temperatures above 24 degrees Celsius.
  • Cannabis plants do not uptake CO2 for the first 60 mins after lights on.
  • It is best to use during the early part of 18/16 and first 3-4 weeks of 12/12.
  • Follow a vapor pressure deficit chart if you are not sure which temps to run.
8 Ways To Get The Biggest Yields Indoors

Fabric Pots

An excellent way to promote the root zone to come into direct contact with the air and to prune themselves. This will cause a long-term effect that allows the roots to grow in all directions of the pot and then return back on itself. This immediately eliminates the concern of root bound plants that later need to transplant and is a great way to keep the growing medium warmer.

  • Fabric pots allow a root zone to grow outwards and much more efficiently. 
  • Smaller sized Cannabis plants can be transplanted into another fabric pot easily.
  • Felt is cheap to buy and making your own custom pots is a good idea. 

Beneficial Fungi and Microorganisms

When growing Cannabis, if big roots mean bigger fruits then getting all the help possible from beneficial bacteria and fungi can only be a bonus. These microscopic microorganisms and fungi form a symbiotic relationship with all plant life and act as a food bank for the Cannabis plants. Once they attach themselves to the tissue of the root hair, they act like an extension of the root zone substantially increasing the surface area.

  • Accelerates the nutrient availability and uptake available in the soil food web.
  • The fungi and bacteria will also protect the plants from pathogens and disease.
  • Beneficial fungi and bacteria can be added and inoculated in powder or liquid form. 

Sea of Green

This style of growing means working with a high volume of small-sized plants, with the intention of keeping the vegetative time (18/6) very short and to produce plants with Cannabis buds that are all uniform and around 100cm tall. By filling an area with rows of plants, and allowing room to work and an aisle to walk down in the center, it is possible to produce the highest yields in the shortest cycle time. 

  • Work with strains that are designed for Sea of Green such as indica dominant hybrids.
  • Growing Cannabis with clones and SOG is a fast way to produce big harvests.
  • Make sure you leave room to walk around and have easy access to the plants.
  • Keep the growth time during 18/6 to a minimum of 7-10 days.
8 Ways To Get The Biggest Yields Indoors

Training Large Plants

Training Cannabis plants over long durations can be the opposite of SOG as the vegetative phase of 18/6 is much more demanding and can extend as far as 8-10 weeks in some cases. Ultimately you have to weigh up which is more practical to you as a grower, however large-sized plants that have been topped, tied down, pruned, and super cropped will also become mighty mature plants. 

  • Big plants need to be kept in bigger pots and require more maintenance.
  • Plant training can be extremely beneficial and increase production.
  • Make sure you apply training at the right times and not during 12/12.

Screen of Green Method

This style of growing Cannabis plants is perfect for those who have chosen to train their plants up over a long 2-3-month time frame. By manipulating the canopy of the plants during 18/6 when they are producing only foliage and growth shoots, it is possible to grow one or two huge plants in the same space as 9-16 smaller plants like in a SOG set up.

  • SCROG does require some experience and does take practice to get it dialed.
  • Certain cultivars such as sativa dominant hybrids are the best strains to use.
  • Pruning is later required to strip away all remaining foliage underneath the screen. 
  • Plant training techniques will also be applied throughout 18/6.

Big Yielding Cultivars

Thanks to the high level of diversity when it comes to Cannabis genetics, it is easy to hand select which strains will be the most productive. Seed banks will often explain in their product descriptions, if the strain has tendencies to grow big and yield fat and dense Cannabis buds. You may need to compromise on flavor, structure, and effect if the yield is the aim of the game as many of the modern day hybrids terpene rich strains are not the biggest yields. 

  • Research the strain beforehand and see what the seedbanks state about big yields.
  • Massive plants and big Cannabis buds can be more susceptible to mold.
  • Apply plant training techniques with big-yielding cultivars for the ultimate plants. 

3 Top Tips To Get The BIggest Yields Indoors

1. Growing Cannabis buds is a balance of nutrients and flushing to ensure you have the best taste and smoking experience. Our tip here is to cut off all nutrients and flush for at least 14 days to get the smoothest taste and flavors. 

2. Starting plants off in a separate room set with 18/6 of lighting, can save you growing time and allow the flowering room to be filled out and ready to harvest a few months later. Our tip here is to start your seedlings or clones off and maintain an 8-week harvest rotation. 

3. L.E.D lighting can be an initially expensive investment, however will soon cover the return on investment from cheaper electricity bills and big yields of tight Cannabis buds.