5 misconceptions about CBD

Soft Secrets
08 Feb 2019

1. Only CBD gives weed medical value

A lot is being written about CBD. Logical, because there is simply a lot to tell about this beneficial ingredient from the cannabis plant. Some people have come to the conclusion that only CBD is medicinal. THC would only be the component that makes you high. In other words: CBD is medicinal and THC is recreational. BUT NO! THC has his own medicinal properties. There are more than 100 other cannabinoids and terpenes in the cannabis plant that have the possibility to be beneficial.

2. CBD works best without THC

If you look at all the products that are only CBD based you think it's best when it stands by itself. This is because many people like to benefit from CBD without wanting to become high. More studies show what experts have suspected for a long time: THC, CBD and all other cannabinoids work the best when they are wroking together.

3. CBD can handle everything

Based on the many reports about CBD. We can absolutely conclude that CBD is a marvelous. But unfortunately it can not cure everything.

4. High dose of CBD better than a low one

CBD is healthy and beneficial. So the more you take, the better it should work, right? You would think that, but it’s not necessarily the case. Often lower doses of CBD are even more effective. Especially in combination with THC see the second point we talked about “CBD works best without THC”.

5. CBD is the same from every source

A lot of CBD is currently coming from industrial hemp. This is because hemp is in many countries legally cultivated. To legally grow industrial hemp, it can’t contain more than 0.3 percent THC. But hemp plants do contain CBD and other cannabinoids. Ideal for winning cannabidiol. Unfortunately hemp does not contain much CBD. So a lot of hemp is needed to get enough CBD.
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