10 Top Tips on Growing Auto flowering Cannabis Outdoors

22 Apr 2022

Auto flowering Cannabis plants allow a grower to produce an outdoor crop without being season dependent. This basically means as long as you live in a sunny climate you can harvest multiple times per year. In this article we cover 8 top tips to consider when growing auto flowering Cannabis outdoors this Summer.

Tip #1 - Try Different Autos

One of the best things about growing autos, is that there is so much variety to choose from, that you can grow many different strains at once. The benefits of this are not only will you have a wide range of flavors and effects; you will also be able to see which autos perform best. Our top tip here is to plant autos that have different flowering times, so the seed to harvest date ranges from 70-100 days allowing you to harvest at different times, ensuring you have a new jar to fill.

Tip #2 - South Facing Location

No matter what time of the year it is, the sun will always set facing South, meaning plants will receive the most amount of direct sunlight when planted in a South facing direction. This is especially important if you are growing in large size pots or have opted for plating directly into the ground. Our top tip here is to use a compass and locate South, then you can ensure that the plants will get as much sunlight as possible over their life cycle.

Tip #3 - Germinate Seeds Indoors

If you have the ability to start your auto flowering seeds off indoors until they are big enough to transplant outside, can be very advantageous. The risk of insects, or birds eating the seeds is eliminated and the plants will be off to the very best start! Our top tip here is to start your seedlings off in a small 1L sized pot and transplant once they have reached a few inches tall after a week or so.

Tip #4 - Sea of Green

One of the best ways to grow autos is in a Sea of Green. This refers to when plants are grown closely together with the intention of producing a sea of uniform plants. Now this does not mean you need to plant hundreds of seeds, however to be aware of maximizing your outdoor space and using the Sea of Green method is an excellent way to do so. Our top tip here is to grow 9, 16 or 25 autos together in one area, as this will produce the most uniform and productive crop.

Tip #5- Companion Plants

These are a great way to help camouflage your auto flowering Cannabis plants, as well as offer protection from insects. Plants such as mint, camomile, dill, sunflower, white clover, peppermint, and marigold just to name a few, can produce terpenes that repel insects and pests. Our top tip here is to use companion plants to offer camouflage and as a natural pesticide.

Tip #6 - Protect the Seedlings

There is no worse feeling than finding that your seedlings have been severely attacked and eaten in the night. Depending on where you live. The culprit could be a snail, slug, grasshopper, locust or stray animal. Giving your auto flowering seedlings the best start possible is the key to a successful crop, so our top tip here is if you are not able to start the seeds off indoors, then use clear plastic pint pots to cover the seedlings at night time. You can remove the pots in the morning and once the plants become big and strong, then you do not need to worry about the pots at night.

Tip #7 - Big Pots Are Best

Often times planting into the ground may not be a suitable option, due to the location not being South facing, or the quality of the soil from the earth is poor. The next best thing is to buy a large sized pot and to fill with a well-made custom soil blend. Auto flowering Cannabis plants prefer to be left in one pot and not to be continuously repotted and transplanted. Our top tip here is to work with a 20-25 liter felt pot and to allow the autos to establish a big root system and to be left to grow and later flower.

Tip #8 - The Right Nutrients 

Nutrients can make a huge difference in the final outcome of the dried flowers. Too little nutrition and the yield may suffer, however too much and the plants may suffer as well as a bad tasting dried bud. Autos will spend the first 21 days establishing their root base and growing only leaves and stems. After this point the flowering period will commence, so our top tip here is to use the same liquid nutrients as you would with indoor plants and aim for an N-P-K ratio that is similar to 2-5-6. Additionally top dressing with bat guano during the flowering stage is also recommended.

Tip #9 - Perpetual Harvests

This tip is mainly for growers who live in a Mediterranean tropical climate such as Southern Europe, California or South America. As these parts of the world have long summers, it is possible to plant autos outdoors and to harvest 3-4 times per year depending on the varieties being grown out. Our top tip here is to plant from March until November and experiment which plants perform best and under what conditions.

Tip #10 - Build Polytunnels

One of the simplest ways to offer a secure and stealth outdoor space for your autos, as well as protect from the wind and rain. Polytunnels are cheap and very easy to build, and on the basis, it is well built, can last the test of time. These highly practical tunnels that can be custom designed to any size and space are made from a clear polystyrene sheet attached to curved plastic pipe fitted to wooden stakes in the ground. Our top tip here is to invest your time and money into the materials needed, as a polytunnel can be greatly beneficially to growers who suffer with cold, windy and wet climates.