10 Gift Ideas for Stoners

Stephen Andrews
25 Jul 2022

Exchanging weed is something that you and your stoner friend always do. As a token of friendship, you gift each other a few chunks of your stash every time one of you have something fresh and new in the green bag. Nevertheless, that special date is coming up on the calendar, and now you want a gift that will last beyond a few taps on the ashtray.

The cannabis industry is booming and there's now something for everyone—a gift for your stoner BBF, your buddy the grower, your dabbing girlfriend, or your odor-obsessed boyfriend. Scroll down and get some fresh ideas for stoner gifts.

1. Weed Subscription Box

You receive everything you need in a pretty box along with some cool smoking accessories. Each month it's a different selection of premium strains and blends from dispensaries around the country. The package may contain pre-rolls, vapes, gummies, etc. Browse for Nugg Club, Hemp, and SensiBox. For newbies, test the Daily High Club. For extra accessories, check Cannabox. Prices can range between $30 and $150, depending on the deal you're making.

2. Smell Proof Pouch 

Your friend Joe loves to walk around with his funky-smelling skunk. You can tell he is at your doorstep before you even open the door. A quick fix gift? Buy Joe a smell-proof pouch. Such as this one from Firedog, available at $20.

3. Portable Electric Herb Grinder

Electric weed grinders are here to remind us that we now live in an era when even our stoner life can be tech-driven. A sign any of your friends will love this type of gift? They have an automatic cat food dispenser for their tabby pal Billy! Electric weed grinders will process the weed evenly, easily, and faster than it's done manually. Prices range depending on the brand, the cheapest available at $23, the more expensive at above $150.

4. Oils and Edibles Infuser 

For your foodie friend: a versatile infusing machine that makes it easier than ever to infuse oils, butter, honey, vegetable glycerine, and more! One of the best brands to check out is LĒVO. A discounted LEVO II costs $329 and comes with two separate modes (dry and activate, aka decarboxylation) to prep the flower material for infusion. 

5. The Apothecary Case

Fancy a professional case where you can easily tuck your nugs? Smell contained. Humidity checked. If your stoner friend is past the days of hiding their weed in a sock, this luxury weed gift might be an excellent pick. This dark black option from Apothecary also comes with a middle split travel cigar container for taking on the go and a removable rolling tray. Price is at $275.

6. Unisex Classic Hemp Leaves Clog Crocks 

Crocks might not be the most attractive pair of shoes to "lure" your partner in bed. Still, they'll sufficiently work for gardening, watering those sativa beauties, or grabbing a midnight snack from Jerry from the neighboring block. 

A pair of classic crocks from Zappos are available for $55.

7. RAW Triple Flip Bamboo Foldable Tray

No more green crumbs on his or her computer desk. An organized stoner's dream, this bamboo tray features compartments, holders, and stands to keeps all things tidy. Bonus points for its built-in ashtray. Price on discount: $71.

8. Glass Banana Pipe

Glassware will never go out of fashion. This one is for those potheads who like their high with a side of potassium. The same manufacturer, Edie Parker Flower, also has orange, cherry, and grape-shaped pipes on offer. The price for the banana piece is $135. 

9. Copy of "Bong Appétit"

For the weed chef in the company. "Bong Appétit" is based on the popular Munchies and Viceland TV show Bong Appétit. This must-have canna cookbook contains 65 "high" recipes, including appetizers, main dishes, desserts, cocktails, and other drinks. A hardcover copy is available at $26.

10. Canna Candles

Four flavors of kush. This Votive candle set is made of beeswax and coconut wax blend and features a braided cotton wick. Most importantly, it doesn't smell like anything cannabis. It's just much more complex than that and kid-friendly, too. Available at $76.

Stephen Andrews