How marijuana helps chronic patients to stop taking opioids

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Chronic diseases are one of the most common. They include asthma, arthritis, diabetes, migraines, obesity, and also cancer. The term chronić is used when the period of the disease lasts for more than three or four months. Even though some of them do not end in deaths, they can influence daily functioning as they have an enormous impact on hormonal, nervous, and circulatory systems. Due to this fact, chronic patients are obligated to take various types of medications, depending on their health condition. Those medications help maintain bodily reactions on a proper level, but they may not lower the occurrence of side effects, including constant pain. It is getting more and more popular to try alternative medicine. This term describes any non-medical practices that lead to health improvement. The most popular ones are acupuncture and taking marijuana. The social perception of cannabis’s impact on people can be distorted. In the past, there were lots of cases when people could not control themselves after smoking weed or eating edibles. And of course, it is still a popular way to give oneself a thrill or feelings of total calmness. It is still counterintuitive to many people as they consider if marijuana does not present unpleasant and sometimes dangerous side-effects. Besides that, the studies have shown that cannabis can be an effective treatment for pain relief. They can help to avoid lots of prescripted medications, including ones with opioids. When medical marijuana became legal, prescriptions for opioids fell by over three and a half daily doses per year!

It reduces pain

Vary types of serious diseases are connected with chronic pain of some body parts. It can start with the liver and end on pain during any muscle movement. Imagine that you are not capable of raising your hand a few centimeters due to terrible ache. In some extreme conditions, like in Alzheimer’s disease, the patients can not control the movement of their hands, legs, or sometimes even head. In these cases, getting access to medical cannabis may be more difficult, but there is a website that will help you. Thanks to Inyo Las Vegas, you can legally have the best quality and safe marijuana medical products. Cannabinoids are said to provide relief of chronic pain due to their chemical makeup. It may not work for everyone, and you should also keep in mind that overdosing the opioids can be seriously harmful as they influence the respiratory system.

It helps with insomnia

Another study showed that one in three adults in the United States of America can not get enough sleep! Some people take the medication with opioids to help themself go to sleep. The body gets easily addicted to active substances, even if they do not make any difference. Due to this cycle, they may increase the dose of these drugs, so the risk of overdose increases. Another, less intense pills can lead to worsened activity of cognitive processes and, in some cases, to grogginess. Lack of sleep can lower the quality of life, it increases cortisol and has a damaging impact on cognitive and behavioral processes. Marijuana reduces the level of stress and activity of the sympathetic nervous system. Thanks to that, it may be a lot easier to fell asleep without the usage of opioids based medications.

It weakens the symptoms

Lots of chronic diseases, as it was said before, are linked with some unpleasant symptoms. For example, when it comes to epilepsy if you are under the constant influence of factors like lack of sleep, strong lights, or wrongly prescribed medicines, the risk of getting a seizure increases. The FDA ( (Food and Drug Administration) has approved a CBD based therapy for people with hard-to-treat seizures. After taking cannabic, there was a severe drop in the number of seizures. While struggling with diabetes or obesity, there are a lot of things to take care of — a strict diet based on food that is chosen due to one’s body needs and condition, the proper form of physical activity, and medications. In such cases, the most popular medical drugs are based on opioids. Thanks to cannabis that stabilize blood sugars, improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure, there is no need to use opioids in the same doses as before. Of course, after the doctor’s agreement. It is showed that marijuana products had helped patients struggling with ADHD, depression, or multiple sclerosis. Cannabic loosens the tension of muscles so it can reduce the pain.

It is needed to see marijuana from another perspective, so both doctors and society should leave any prejudices. It is crucial to use cannabis wisely and safely. If you decide to take any weed-based products, even for medical reasons, you have to contact the physician to learn about the risks of usage. Bodies react entirely different to any substances, so taking them on one’s own may be risky.


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