GHE Flora Series® becomes Terra Aquatica TriPart®

GHE Flora Series® becomes Terra Aquatica TriPart®

In 2020, Flora-Series®, the flagship fertiliser of GHE® will change its name to Terra Aquatica TriPart® (Grow – Micro – Bloom).

At the last edition of Barcelona’s Spannabis, the renowned manufacturer of fertilisers, additives and cropping systems left its mark on visitors’ minds by unveiling its new identity as Terra Aquatica®. This new logo is shaped as a hexagonal blazon with the two initials T.A., whereas the old name GHE® will gradually fade away and no longer exist by 2022.

Following the launch of this new brand last March, from January 2020 the range of organic fertilisers and mineral additives (Flora-Series, FloraDuo, FloraCoco, Ripen, FloraKleen, etc.) will be released with new labels and new names overtly indicating their use.

The manufacturer’s intention behind this move is to reassure consumers. Nothing has changed regarding products as formulas and manufacturing processes will still belong to them. On store shelves, however, products will be more clearly identified and the former name and brand GHE will remain visible.

Why this change?

GHE® is the European offshoot of General Hydroponics, a true institution for cannabis growers in the United States. In 2015, this Californian flagship was acquired by the American lawn and garden product giant Scotts Miracle-Gro Co.

Regardless of purely financial considerations and in order to stay true to its work ethics, GHE has chosen to become independent and focus on its mainstays, i.e. products, plants and customers.

The names of the other products will be announced in the coming weeks. Want to know more about the next steps? Visit and/or the brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

GHE Flora Series® becomes Terra Aquatica TriPart®

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