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ParXtreme Lamp

A normal HPS lamp producing an orange light with very little distribution in its spectrum. The new 600 W ParXtreme LEC conversion lamp produces a much whiter light with a higher spectrum and plenty of red tones.

The spectral energy of ParXtreme is unparalleled in the horticultural market. The ParXtreme LEC lamp improves the production of essential oils and produces plants that do not stretch much during growth. In addition, plants will stay strong and healthy throughout their growing cycle. Indeed, the light produced by this LEC lamp is perfect to keep plants healthy from start to finish of their vegetative growth and produce heavy and stiff flowers filled with trichomes during flowering.

It is the first conversion lamp to provide optimal levels of spectral energy at all stages of plant growth, i.e. during both vegetative development and flowering, although its spectrum is more specific to flowering
(3100 K). This characteristic makes it a best-in-class product, as it works with any 600 W ballast and has an E40 cap, so it can be used with most reflectors on the market without the need for special adapters or lamp holders.


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