Air-conditioning + dehumidifying units 5-100kW

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Air-conditioning + dehumidifying units 5-100kW

The professional GrowBlock from CarbonActive gives you the option of controlling the climate in your premises.

Functional description of GrowBlock

Multi-functional, fully automated climate building block, which can be integrated in modular form into your ventilation system. The GrowBlock identifies the current conditions in the greenhouse through a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller, also known as “SPS”). Depending on requirements and equipment, the GrowBlock will cool, heat, dehumidify or humidify the greenhouse.

The GrowBlock is fitted with the latest technology, a high-performance computer to record all the measurements and if necessary, they can be viewed from all over the world via the Internet.

The fan motors are equipped with up-to-date EC motor technology and are therefore more efficient than other fan motors.

The cooling system works with electronic injector valves, which ensure the optimal use of the heat exchangers. This means the GrowBlock can work as energy-efficiently as possible under all operating conditions.

Air-conditioning + dehumidifying units 5-100kW

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