What to do When You’re Too High

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Have you ever had that feeling, you’ve just smoked one, suddenly you realize, WOW, I’m too high. You might have taken a way too big hit from the bong, or you ate another cookie filled with cannabis, or you might even have tried a vaporizer for the first time. In this article we will tell you what to do when you’re too high or too stoned.

How can I tell if I’m too High?

You’ll probably know when you’re too high. Cannabis can create incredible results for relaxation and anti-anxiety. But if you ingest more THC than you can take, you can actually experience the opposite of those effects. You can feel paranoid, nauseous, dizzy and you can even feel anxious. Although nobody has ever died from a marijuana overdose, dehydration, an empty stomach and cotton mouth are symptoms nobody likes to have.

What should I do if I’m too High?

Studies have shown that CBD (a less psychoactive cannabinoid) can counteract the effects of too much THC. CBD modulates the receptors that are signaling that THC is being consumed. However, if you don’t have any CBD around, you should make yourself comfortable. If you’re at home, put on some easy clothes, turn any stimuli down (music/tv volume etc.) and sit or lay down on your bed or couch. We know that not everyone smokes at home, so, if you’re in a public setting, take a step outside and take some big breaths. Drinking some water and taking control over your breathing will reduce any anxious feeling as they keep your hearth rate down. Some people even like to repeat affirmations in their head or out loud to keep their cool.

Tips on How to Stop Being Too High

Take a Rest on Your Girls Chest

You’ve just smoked weed which is mainly used to make people more relaxed, so take a little nap, or lay down on the couch, watch some TV or if you’re with your girlfriend take a nap on her chest.

Distract Yourself

A great way to come back down to Earth is by distracting yourself from any negative or anxiety causing thoughts. Some of our favorite suggestions: watch a funny sitcom, listen to some music (might not want to listen to Lil Dicky – Too High), play a fun videogame, talk with some friends or your significant other, last but not least, eat some delicious food.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is very important, whether you prefer juice or plain water, make sure you stay hydrated at all times. This will combat dry mouths effects and makes you focus on a simple task like sipping and swallowing.

Take a Shower or Bath

Even though it’s not always feasible, you might be at a party or your friends house, try to take a shower or bath. This will definitely help you relax and you will feel replenished afterwards. It can even help as a distraction if you are one of those shower thinkers.

So in the end, whenever you get too high, or too stoned, just relax. Be sure you can do any of these tips whenever you are smoking some bud, marijuana, cannabis, weed or whatever you want to call it or how you want to take it.


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