4 Key Elements of a Successful Cannabis Business Web Site

Today’s cannabis consumer is less tolerant of bad website design. Aesthetic design and usability are essential to creating a positive user experience. In turn, this will generate leads and drive traffic to your cannabis business.
One of the biggest mistakes we see cannabis entrepreneurs make is believing that they can get away with poor website design. Nothing could be further from the truth. Simply put, effective web design helps with branding, customer acquisition, SEO, and so much more!
The design of your site can influence every aspect of your cannabis business. Because of that, we’ve created this article to help you with your cannabis website design efforts.

1. Design

Effective web design for your cannabis business is more than just something that’s visually pleasing. Of course, it should look good, but it goes beyond that.
Your cannabis business needs a website that helps convert visitors into customers. This means that it should have places where you can capture customer information. Also, make sure your cannabis site is optimized for desktop and mobile. Since you don’t know what platform visitors are using, you should do your best to not alienate them.
Ensure your contact information is clearly visible and up to date. All of your information should be easily understood and easy to navigate. A good cannabis website should guide visitors to what they’re looking for. It should also have a clear call to action. For example, they should tell potential customers how to add products to their shopping cart or how to sign up for coupons.

2. Great Content

Cannabis business owners tend to forget that their content needs to be more than just SEO friendly. It needs to be interesting and relevant to potential customers.
You see, providing engaging content in the form of blogs or articles will give your website something invaluable: a voice. However, the content needs to be unique and exclusive to your website. Also, be sure to create the necessary structure for your blogs or articles. If you feel like you need some help, there are cannabis specialized design and marketing companies.

3. Social Media Connection

From a pure marketing perspective, social media is an opportunity engage with consumers directly.Therefore, your cannabis website should include social media buttons. Otherwise, you’re missing out on valuable interactions to grow and engage with your audience.
Remember that your goal is to become relevant to your audience’s lives, whether that’s a commentary, a conversation, or via multimedia engagement. Make it easy for your potential customers and established fans to connect with you!
Integrate social media with your website to provide a great user experience. With social media savvy at your disposal, you can reach new customers, build a relationship with them, and gather data from followers. All of this while you gain attention, traffic, and sales!
However, you shouldn’t feel obliged to link to every social media channel out there. Only include those that your cannabis business is active on.

4. Authentic Voice

If you want to attract the right audience for your cannabis business, you need to share your vision.
The cannabis industry is always in flux. There are cannabis entrepreneurs that start and fail every single day. For this reason, you need to ensure your website communicates the voice of your brand.
Don’t settle for a generic website or let yourself be seduced by fancy graphics. Visitors will reward you because of how you make them feel. The most powerful asset you have at your disposal is your vision. By providing an authentic vibe, you will make your cannabis business grow. Find out what makes you unique and expand on that.


We hope you found this article useful. Do you think you’ll implement some of these elements into your website design? Let us know in the comments!
Oh, and don’t keep this information to yourself. Be sure to share this with your family and friends.

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