The Canna-business Backlash! COVER

The Canna-business Backlash!

It was only year ago that Canada became the second country in the world to legalise the recreational use of cannabis. Previously the drug operated

Soft Secrets 01-20

Issue 01-20 [pdf-embedder url=””]

Cannaray's First UK Prescription

A three year old girl called Jorja Emerson who suffers from severe epilepsy is the first UK patient to receive a legal medical cannabis prescription

Hollywood Actor Axed from Charity

Golden Globe winner Brian Cox has advocated the use of cannabis in a recent interview saying that the drug is wonderful and he recommends everyone


Selling marijuana the American way

In summer I stopped by to see my friend in the U.S., who was just on his way to a cannabis dispensary. What could I


A Better Tomorrow?

While the rest of the UK chews at its collective neck around Brexit, in Scotland, the SNP unanimously voted at its annual conference to decriminalise

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