Medical Cannabis Bike Tour Rides Again in 2020

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Are you ready for a new year challenge? Well saddle up because the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour is returning in April 2020 and it’s looking for riders, sponsors and volunteers….
For the 7th edition of the bike tour, the event is setting its sights on Belgium and France. The bike tour will assemble in Brussels on April 20th (with a big 4/20 welcome!) and ride from April 21st – 23rd, arriving in Paris.
Over the years the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour has gone from strength to strength and remains one of the world’s largest cannabis sporting events. With huge support from the cannabis community this is a cause that has also has the backing of many businesses in the industry who have sponsored the event.
Since 2012, the MCBT has raised over 400,000€ in sponsorship and this money is funding an independent clinical trial to research the effectiveness of the cannabinoids THC and CBD as a potential cancer treatment in combination with radiotherapy and the anti-cancer drugs.
Medical Cannabis Bike Tour organiser, Luc Krol, said, “We are so pleased to be returning with the bike tour after a couple of rest years. It’s such a great cause and as valid today as when we first started the bike tour – perhaps more so as big business becomes increasingly involved in the cannabis industry.
This ride is about grass roots passion and the cannabis community coming together for good, in a way that only the cannabis community can. We have always tried to lead by example and the Belgium-France tour will be no different. And of course we are very excited to be taking this challenge right to the home of the cycling sportif!”
Dr Guillermo Velasco, the Associate Professor from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Complutense University, who is overseeing the trial, said, “The trial has taken longer than expected due to some delays we have encountered, however we are hoping to finally start this trial in 2020. This is a unique opportunity that has only been made possible thanks to the generosity of bike tour sponsors and this research has the potential to make a real impact on the scientific debate around medical cannabis and cancer treatment.”
Anyone interested in riding or sponsoring the 2020 Medical Cannabis Bike Tour can find out more about the organization and the cause at

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