Soft Secrets’ Plant of the Year 2018

Soft Secrets’ Plant of the Year 2018

Soft Secrets this year has started a new annual competition. With the help of you, our readers, and the very best of Soft Secrets’ international writers we will pick the best genetics as offered to us by our advertisers.
There are six categories to compete in for the companies, they are as follows:
CBD strains
New strains

For the last few months visitors to our website have voted for their own favourite strain within these categories. To add an extra heavy score we asked our best grower writers to pick their favourite strains too. Combined, we got a fair view of the results!

And the winners are……

Soft Secrets’ Plant of the Year 2018
Serious Kush from Serious Seeds
Robert B. from Soft Secrets Germany: “I always loved the White Russian from this company. A very nice and powerful plant. I like the grow patterns and flowering time of the Serious Kush. The plant is sturdy and strong so it can carry heavy yields. “
Cliff Cremer, editor-in-chief Soft Secrets: “This unique Dutch company has crossed one of their legends, the White Russian, with an OG Kush. The result is a nice tasting Kush that yields like a heavy Afghan/Skunk-variety.“
Soft Secrets’ Plant of the Year 2018
Moby Dick from Dinafem
Stoney Tark, Soft Secrets UK: “A really great example of hybrid vigour. Massive yields and if you can grow her outdoors in the Mediterranean, she is an excellent choice. Clear and creative high makes her a great choice!”
Cliff Cremer: “This White Widow and Haze cross is one of my all-time favourite strains for a Mediterranean outdoor grow. This hulk of a plant can easily become 3 meters tall and it gives you 1 kilo per plant if the summer allows. For more northern countries the auto version Moby Dick Auto XXL is a perfect substitute. A true classic in it’s own right.”
Soft Secrets’ Plant of the Year 2018
Sticky Monkey GG#4 from
botanicaunderground, Soft Secrets Italia: “Sticky Monkey GG#4 is a plant that produce a lot of resin, up to 30%, sticky like a glue, suitable for lover of extractions.”
Stoney Tark: “A sativa dominant plant that grows in a short time and is seriously potent. The smell is pungent and fuel which has a similar dank taste. Very famous in America and Europe now.”
Soft Secrets’ Plant of the Year 2018
Auto Kritical Red from Mr. Hide Seeds
Robert B.: “This plant is good for indoor and for outdoor. A very robust plant that thrives at the edge of some field or garden.”
Cliff Cremer: “A heavy hitting big yielder for an auto. The red hairs makes it stand out, you can convice your wife to grow this beauty in your garden.”
Soft Secrets’ Plant of the Year 2018
Solodiol Auto from Elite Seeds
Cliff Cremer: “CBD varieties in auto form are the way to go. Patients can turn out yields in rapid succession. This sativa-dominant ruderalis cross has a 1:26 THC/CBD ratio which is simply great! Medical users will not get stoned at all.”
Soft Secrets’ Plant of the Year 2018
Royal Gorilla from Royal Queen Seeds
Robert B.: “This is a true heavy-weight even if it’s not a big yielder. The 28% THC will make up for that.”
Cliff Cremer: “The advance of American genetics on the European market can be seen clearly here. The Gorilla Glue#4 (GG#4) is already a legend, so it’s not surprising European seed companies are stocking up on GG genetics. This heavy THC-laden Indica is a feast to grow and a feast to smoke!“
Soft Secrets’ Plant of the Year 2018
Next year you can also vote! Check our website regulary!


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